Finance Concentration

Dean of the Business School, Ken Anderson.

Students interested in the finance industry may choose to pursue a concentration in finance. Career opportunities in finance include analysis, securities and financial services, information systems, and corporate financial management. 

In order to complete a finance concentration, students complete 9 elective credits in finance and 1 general elective credit, for a total of 10 elective credits. 

Students working towards a finance concentration complete two of the three courses listed below (4 credits total): 

  • MBUS 660: Investments (2 credits)
  • MBUS 662: Advanced Corporate Finance (2 credits)
  • MBUS 665: Mergers & Acquisitions (2 credits)

Students also complete 5 credits of finance-related elective coursework. Examples include: 

  • Intro to Real Estate Investments (1 credit)
  • Financial Statement Analysis (1 credit)
  • Sustainable Business (1 credit)
  • International Finance (1 credit)
  • Derivatives (1 credit)
  • Business Valuation (1 credit)
  • Ethics in Finance (1 credit)
  • Advanced Financial Modeling and Data Analytics (1 credit)
  • Decision Making for Managers (1 credit)
  • The Mortgage Crisis of 2008 - Causes, Solutions, and Impact (1 credit)
  • Intro to Personal Investing (1 credit)
  • Finance Internship (1-3 credits)

*Two Current Issues in Finance courses are offered per semester, each addressing a different topic. 

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