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Program Facts

  • 28-34 credits
  • 1,000 hours of practicum experience
  • Average completion time: 2 years
  • Online courses
  • Two immersions, on-campus in Spokane, WA
  • DNP project


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DNP Course Descriptions

NURS 563: Evidence-Based Practice for Quality & Safety - 3 credits

This course provides learners with a theoretical and practical foundation for identifying and critically appraising evidence from qualitative and quantitative research traditions. The emphasis is on the examination of the essential elements of evidence-based-practice, including the formulation of answerable questions to address quality improvement and safety in a variety of advance practice roles and the systematic search for research evidence that can be used to answer researchable questions.

NURS 705: Introduction to the DNP Role - 1 credit

This on-campus “immersion” must be completed by all DNP students during the first semester of enrollment in DNP-level courses. This course serves as the orientation to the DNP role. The Gonzaga mission, along with Jesuit values and principles are discovered and experienced. The DNP project is described and potential projects are delineated. Available resources are identified and explored.
Prerequisite: NURS 563. Concurrent: NURS 711.

NURS 708: Inferential Statistics (if not taken within previous 5 years) - 3 credits

The purpose of this course is to review statistical concepts such as descriptive statistics, probability distributions (binomial and normal), sampling distributions, inferences (point estimates and confidence intervals), hypotheses testing (one-sample tests, two-sample tests), Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), as well as simple linear regression and multiple regression analysis. The course emphasizes the application of statistical concepts to analyze research for best available evidence to support quality nursing practice. The course also provides students with hands-on experience in using statistical software (Mega Stat) to assist in making effective decisions.

NURS 711: Quality Improvement and Leadership in Healthcare - 3 credits

This course emphasizes strategic planning and management, systems and organizational theories, quality improvement, and information management. It acquaints students with the process, tools and techniques of strategic planning that will enable them to manage patient populations and to contribute effectively to strategic thinking and action in health systems. The course focuses on leadership and the process of health care delivery from a systems perspective, emphasizing continuous process improvement as crucial to achieving high quality outcomes. Prerequisite: NURS 563. Concurrent: NURS 705.

NURS 712: Translational Research in Advanced Practice - 3 credits

This course will address the DNP role in translational research with emphasis on the examination of knowledge transformation. The course includes conducting a systematic search for research evidence to answer researchable questions and the synthesis of evidence for knowledge translation across a body of research in both qualitative and quantitative traditions. Prerequisite: NURS 563. Prerequisite or Concurrent: NURS 705 and 711

NURS 713: Population Health Outcomes - 3 credits

This course will explore utilization of information technology and data management for measuring and attaining population health outcomes. The DNP student will be prepared to use epidemiological data to identify the causes of disease and to evaluate health services for quality, safety and efficacy. Prerequisites: NURS 563, 705, 711, 712

NURS 714: Theoretical Underpinnings of Advanced Practice - 3 credits

This course provides an overview of both general theoretical knowledge and specific theoretical perspectives. The emphasis is on the application of frameworks for advanced nursing roles such as nurse clinician and leader. The course particularly emphasizes selecting, analyzing, and applying nursing and integrative middle-range theories to efforts to improve population health and health care delivery. Prerequisites: NURS 563. Prerequisite or concurrent: NURS 705, 711.

NURS 715: Health Policy, Ethics and Advocacy - 3 credits

This course focuses on the leadership role of the DNP in influencing health policy makers and health policy development emphasizing interprofessional collaboration. The effect of nursing scholarship on health policy and advocacy will be explored. The regulatory and ethical environments that impact DNP practice are examined considering Ignatian values and social justice principles. Strategies for designing and leading the implementation of public, professional, and institutional polices relating to local, regional, national, and international health care and its delivery are considered.

NURS 760: DNP Project Readiness - On-Campus Immersion - 3 credits

This course will serve as the vehicle to ensure readiness for beginning the DNP project and practicum courses. Prerequisite NURS 705, 711, 712, Prerequisite or Concurrent: NURS 708 or equivalent.

NURS 761: DNP Project Seminar I - 2 credits

This is the first of a series of three seminars that provide the DNP student with mentored opportunities to identify a practice issue and develop, implement, evaluate, and disseminate an independent, analytic DNP project focusing on problems of advanced nursing practice within specific populations. Each seminar course builds on the knowledge and practice expertise of the DNP student, culminating in the completion of a final DNP project that demonstrates clinical scholarship. The range of projects will be varied as they related to the DNP student’s unique area of nursing (e.g., quality improvement, policy analysis, designing and using databases, designing and evaluating new models of care, collaboration with researchers to answer clinical questions, program development/implementation/evaluation. Prerequisites: NURS 700 Corequisite: NURS 701.

NURS 762: DNP Project Seminar II - 1 credit

During this course, the student implements the DNP project specific to a population of interest within a designated practice setting. Change management principles, leadership skills and interprofessional collaboration are emphasized. The student applies and integrates elements of the DNP Essentials. Prerequisites: NURS 761 and 701, Corequisite: NURS 702.

NURS 763: DNP Project Seminar III - 1 credit

In this final seminar course, the student will present the final defense of his or her DNP project through an oral presentation that addresses the topic of interest, the development and implementation of the project, how it addressed the needs of a selected population, and an evaluation of the project and outcomes. Prerequisites: NURS 762 and 702, Corequisite: NURS 703.

NURS 701: DNP Practicum I - 1 - 3  credits

This practicum course provides the student an opportunity to work within a practice setting to begin to design his or her DNP project. The student also begins to establish the expanded advanced nursing DNP role focusing on a population of interest. The student is required to submit an individualized practicum proposal and objectives for the practicum experience.
Prerequisites: NURS 760, Corequisite: NURS 761.

NURS 702: DNP Practicum II - 1 - 3  credits

This practicum course provides the student an opportunity to work within a practice setting to implement his or her scholarly project. Emphasis is on intra- and interprofessional collaboration, demonstrating competency in the DNP Essentials, teamwork, and project management. The student is required to submit an individualized practicum proposal and objectives for the practicum experience. Prerequisites: NURS 761 and 701, Corequisite: NURS 762

NURS 703: DNP Practicum III - 1 - 3  credits

The practicum course focuses on evaluating and disseminating the results of the student’s DNP project. The student continues to focus on the advanced nursing DNP role for a population of interest. The student is required to submit an individualized practicum proposal and objectives for the practicum experience. Prerequisites: NURS 762 and 702, Corequisite: NURS 763.

DNP Immersions - On-campus visits

There are two required on-campus immersions. The NURS 705 immersion is a 2-3 day orientation to the program and overview of program requirements and campus resources.
The second 2-3 day immersion occurs the semester prior to starting the DNP project courses and focuses on project readiness.

Program information is subject to change.