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Alumni Stories

Sociology and Criminology graduates move into careers in law enforcement, teaching, social work, community development, civil service, data and forensic science, and many more. Find out what a few of our alumni are doing now.

Stories of Success

Ariel Ragona

Ariel Ragona

Sociology Major, Health Equity Minor ('24)

Sociology has instilled a sociological imagination in me, forever changing the ways I view my personal issues, as well as broader sociological issues.

Portrait of Benjamin Gonzales

Ben Gonzales

Sociology, Criminology Majors ('24)

Ben hopes to go into teaching and research "that helps reclaim possibilities for a more just society that is working for collective liberation."

Morgan Yazzie

Morgan Yazzie

Sociology Major, Political Science Minor ('24)

Morgan hopes to give back to where she came from by studying Indian tribal law.

Portrait of Anisia Khammala

Anisia Khammala

Sociology Major ('23)

Anisia is planning a career working with young people to help find resources and opportunities to discover their own passion.

Portrait of Ariana Chin

Ariana Chin

Sociology, Criminology, International Relations and Political Science Majors ('23)

Serving in the Peace Corps followed by law school are on the horizon for Ariana.

Haley Mayer in a cap and gown standing on the steps of Gonzaga University's College Hall building.

Haley Mayer

Sociology, Criminology Majors ('23)

Hayley's future plans include pursuing a Ph.D. in prison reform specific research, which will include hearing and writing people's stories as part of her research.

Portrait of Haylee Pollard

Haylee Pollard

Criminology, Biology Majors ('23)

A fully funded position in the University of Delaware's Sociology Ph.D. program is the next move on Haylee's journey toward teaching in higher education.

Portrait of Ali Schultheis, Sociology Major, Alumni Gonzaga University

Ali Schultheis

Sociology Major ('18)

"Gonzaga educated me about issues facing our world and society, and taught me how to use my voice for justice. "

Portrait of Dakota Peterson, Sociology Major, Alumni Gonzaga University

Dakota Peterson

Sociology Major ('18)

"After graduating with degrees in Sociology and Spanish, I headed to Washington DC to intern for Senator Maria Cantwell."

Portrait of Sarah Marr, Sociology Major, Alumni Gonzaga University

Sarah Marr

Sociology Major ('16)

For Sarah’s senior year thesis at Gonzaga, she studied the topic of homelessness in America.

Portrait of Caleb Dawson

Caleb Dawson

Sociology Major ('17)

Dawson is pursuing his passion to help others and encourages other students to pursue their passions as well.

Portrait of Francisca Chau, Sociology Major, Alumni Gonzaga University

Francisca “Francis” Chau

Sociology Major ('15)

Gratitude is a quality that you’ll find a great deal of among Gonzaga students, especially those who rely on scholarships to make their education possible.

Portrait of Skye Miner, Gonzaga Alumni 2012

Skye Miner

Sociology Major ('12)

“The Gonzaga Sociology Department provided me with strong methodological and theoretical training that served to be an essential foundation for my graduate school work."

Julie Morris

Julie Morris

Sociology Major ('11)

Julie works as a Biostatistician for the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s Epidemiology Center. In 2024, Julie published an undergraduate sociology textbook through Routledge, titled “Introduction to Sociology Through Comedy.”

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