Frequently Asked Questions about the Gonzaga University Model United Nations (GUMUN)

Why should I apply to GUMUN?

Model United Nations students holding up placards with country names.

GUMUN is a great way to get involved within the Gonzaga community! It is a fun way to enhance your research, writing, and public speaking skills while connecting what you learn with your personal and academic life. In GUMUN, you will get the opportunity to learn about global issues in a safe environment, create solutions to problems, make lifelong friends from around the world, and advance your academic and professional career.

What do you do in GUMUN?

In GUMUN, students learn about the UN and how it works by simulating UN decision-making bodies. At the weekly meetings, students will have to represent a State assigned to them (such as China, Italy, Yemen, or Tunisia) within a given committee/topic (e.g. General Assembly First Committee -- Nuclear Proliferation within the Middle East). From the perspective of their State, students will openly discuss and collaborate to create realistic solutions that align with their State government’s policy stances and the UN’s policies. These weekly meetings are utilized to prepare students for the Northwest Model UN conference in Portland and the National Model UN conference in New York while getting to know their teammates.

Do you have to study politics, international relations, history, or something similar to be a part of GUMUN?

Model United Nations students holding up placards with country names.

No, we encourage students from all majors and minors to apply to GUMUN. The topics that we cover often deal with subjects that are relevant to not only the social sciences, but also the humanities, natural sciences, education, business, nursing, and engineering. For example, an Economics or Finance major may be interested in working in the General Assembly Second Committee on the topic of “Minimizing Economic Shock in a Global Economy.” A Women’s and Gender Studies major may be interested in working in the Commission on the Status of Women on the topic, “”Closing the Gender Gap in Social Protection.” A Physics major may be interested in working in the International Atomic Energy Agency on “Nuclear Waste Management.” GUMUN includes students from all different majors and minors. We highly encourage you to apply to GUMUN if you have a genuine interest in it, regardless of your studies.

What if I have no prior experience or knowledge about MUN?

That is absolutely okay! Although some of our members have had prior experience with Model UN in high school, many of our members do not. This is your opportunity to learn more about the UN and increase your understanding of global issues.

What is the time commitment within GUMUN?

GUMUN meets every Tuesday night from 7:00-9:00 p.m from about mid-October until the end of April. Students enrolled in Model UN for course credit, will be required to attend from 6:30-9:00pm on Tuesdays. Model UN students also attend two conferences: the Northwest Model UN Conference in Portland in February and the National Model UN Conference in New York City in March or April.

What if I’m not good at public speaking, writing, or researching?

Within GUMUN, you will have the opportunity to improve your public speaking, writing, and researching skills.

What if I do not get accepted?

No worries, we highly encourage you to reapply the year after as we have had members who were not accepted the first time they applied but were accepted the second time.

Do I have to be a first-year/freshman to apply?

No, we encourage all students to apply regardless of their year at GU.

How do I apply?

Email the secretary general to request an application