Italian Studies Student Learning Outcomes

Gonzaga University
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Modern Languages & Literature
Italian Studies Program
Degree: B.A. in Italian Studies

The Italian Studies major will:

  • Communicate orally entirely in target language in both every day and professional/academic settings with a good degree of phonetic, syntactic and semantic accuracy (ACTFL* advanced low level).
  • Comprehend the main ideas and most details of complex information provided orally at the normal conversational tempo of a native speaker (ACTFL* advanced level).
  • Write with sufficient ability to contrast, criticize, analyze, defend opinions, and advance and support a thesis in the target language (ACTFL* advanced mid-level), and in English
  • Comprehend and interpret challenging and diverse reading material in the target language (ACTFL* advanced low level), and in translation
  • Demonstrate a broad bicultural literacy; an insightful and complex understanding of the target language culture(s); the ability to function comfortably in a wide range of social situations in the target language environment(s)

* ACTFL refers to the “American Council on the Teaching Foreign Languages” Proficiency Guidelines

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