The study of economics provides the student a means of specializing in a social science while at the same time acquiring knowledge and skills useful for a business-related career. Organizations of all types increasingly recognize the importance of having personnel who possess a broad background knowledge in economics, and economists occupy a wide range of positions in profit and non-profit enterprises as well as in government. Economics is also highly recommended for pre-law students. Economics courses may be taken in order to satisfy the social science core requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences. Most 300-level courses require only ECON 201 as a prerequisite.

Two economics majors are offered. The B.S. major in economics includes extensive coursework in mathematics as well as economics for students considering graduate study in economics. The B.A. major in economics is offered for students who want an extensive background in economics in preparation for careers in business or government as well as for those pursuing advanced study in law or business. A minor in economics is also offered for students with other majors who need less extensive knowledge of economics.

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