Faculty Research Interests

Communication Studies is a department with an innovative curriculum grounded in rhetoric, media studies, and cultural studies. Beyond these broad areas of study, each member of the faculty has more specific areas of expertise.

Explore faculty research areas:

Dr. Charles Athanasopoulos
Black studies, activism, racial icons, public street art

Dr. Melissa A Click
Popular culture, digital and social media, television, gender and feminism, media fans and audiences

Dr. Heather Crandall
Rhetoric of social change, techno-ecofeminist activism, communication pedagogy

Dr. Rebecca Donaway
Political communication, partisan messaging, political & civic engagement, affect, digital news and social media

Dr. Jeremiah Favara

Dr. Jeremiah Favara
Gender and feminism, sexuality and queer theory, intersectionality, and militarization and media

Dr. Joseph Flores
Social media and political communication, propaganda and conspiracy theories, digital circulation studies.

Dr. Glen Frappier
Argument and debate

Dr. Jeremy G. Gordon
Environmental communication, environmental justice, critical-animal studies, sound studies

Dr. Juliane Mora
Critical pedagogy & education for social justice, communication across the curriculum, communication & instruction

Dr. Kristina Morehouse
Journalism and democracy, identity and grief online, equity-minded pedagogy

Dr. Jaishikha Nautiyal
New materialist rhetorics, body rhetoric, affect

Dr. Tony A. Osborne
Leadership, rhetoric, public speaking, visual communication, critical theory, semiotics

Dr. Karen Petruska
Television studies, media industry studies, digital culture

Dr. Corinne Sugino
Asian American racialization, intersectional communication, comparative racialization, and discourses of false inclusion