About the Catholic Studies Department

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A study in the Catholic faith 

Grounded in Gonzaga's strong Catholic heritage, our Catholic Studies program engages students in the study of the Roman Catholic Church and its traditions, teachings and cultural legacy. The program offers a minor in Catholic Studies

Our program faithfully and rigorously responds to Pope John Paul II’s call for “a fruitful dialogue between the Gospel and culture” (Ex Corde Ecclesiae, Part I A.3:43). Through a series of courses in the history, culture and practices of Catholicism, we grow your understanding of Catholicism and its role in the ancient and contemporary world — giving you a firmer grasp on the richness of the Catholic faith. Associate professor of history, Fr. Michael Maher, S.J. is director of the program.

The study of Catholicism not only expands your cultural view but also builds critical thinking skills, preparing you for a future in graduate school, law school, religious ministry, education and many other careers. In addition to our academic offerings, opportunities include the Healing the Culture Book Club, comprised of students and faculty members who meet to discuss selected works from the Christian tradition. We also encourage involvement in the University Ministry and Gonzaga’s Catholic student groups.

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