Students and Families

Picture of Student
This is where I am going, I can feel it. This is the only place I feel at home.
— Samantha Seward
Psychology '16
(after her GU Admissions Office campus tour)

Welcome Students and Families
to the College of Arts and Sciences

A liberal arts education opens the doors to many different pathways and we are here to help you find YOUR PATH, because this is where it all unfolds. Our objective is to assist you as a student to expand your learning, achieve a foundation of knowledge and begin a lifetime of intellectual inquiry. As a College of Arts and Sciences student, you have many options in creating your path of study. Please feel free to explore the Majors and Programs, the Graduate Programs, and the Study Abroad Programs. We want you to know that any question you might have, as a parent, family member, or a student, we are here to help you.

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