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What's Your Green Dot?

You can end Rape, Partner Abuse, and Stalking

green dotHundreds of research studies have shown that thousands in the U.S. and around the world are victims of sexual assault, partner violence, and stalking every year. Each incident hurts us all. These acts of violence are like red dots covering a map, much like an epidemic spreading out of control if not stopped. But, we CAN stop violence and you are a part of the solution. Through your words, your choices and your actions in any given moment, you can add a "green dot" to our map--displacing a red dot-- and making a difference. For more information click here.

Scholarships For Women

A millennium ago, women didn't’t really go to college. If they were going to be working women, they went to Business College. Today, everything is different. Women are in the workplace, and as such, have recognized the need for a degree to get ahead. Scholarships abound for women in every category and in every field. For more information, click here.

Dr. Ann Ciasullo
Associate Professor of English, Chair
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