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Michael VanEngelen

AD Box 005

Phone: x5978
Fax: (509) 313-5804

Office Location
Hughes Hall 034

Office Hours
Spring 2014

Monday:  1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Wednesday:  2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Friday:  1:10 - 2:00 p.m.


Ph.D. Chemical and Biological Engineering

Montana State University, December, 2009

M.S. Chemical Engineering

Washington State University, August, 2005

B.A. Chemistry, B.A. Physics, Philosophy minor

Whitworth College, December, 2002

Courses Taught
General Chemistry and Lab
Organic Chemistry I Lab
Environmental Chemistry and Lab


M. R. VanEngelen, B. M. Peyton, M. R. Mormile, and H. C. Pinkart. Fe(III), Cr(VI), and Fe(III) mediated Cr(VI) reduction in alkaline media using a Halomonas isolate from Soap Lake, Washington. Biodegradation. 2008. 19(6):841-850.


M. R. VanEngelen, E. K. Field­, R. Gerlach, B. D. Lee, W. A. Apel, B. M. Peyton. UO22+ speciation determines uranium toxicity and bioaccumulation in an environmental Pseudomonas sp. isolate. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 2010.  29(4):763-769.


E. K. Field, S. D’Imperio, A. R. Miller, M. R. VanEngelen, R. Gerlach, B. D. Lee, W. A. Apel, B. M. Peyton. Application of Molecular Techniques to Elucidate the Influence of Cellulosic Waste on the Bacterial Community Structure at a Simulated Low Level Waste Site. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 2010. 76(10):3106-3115.


M. R. VanEngelen, R. Gerlach, B. D. Lee, R. K. Szilagyi, W. A. Apel, B. M. Peyton. Uranium exerts acute toxicity by binding to pyrroloquinoline quinone. Environmental Science and Technology. 2011. 45(3):937-942.