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Thank you for your interest in doing science outreach at Gonzaga!  Outreach placements are made at the beginning of each semester.  If you are a biology, chemistry, or biochemistry major, you should automatically receive email communications at the beginning of the semester regarding outreach opportunities and deadlines.  However, we welcome students of all majors who would like to participate in science outreach.  If you would like to receive information about these opportunities, please email the Outreach Coordinator with your contact information.


Most students doing science outreach participate in Science in Action!, our largest outreach program, which takes place in local elementary schools during fall and spring semester.  We also have a few openings each year for GU students interested in doing science outreach in a high school or middle school setting (tutoring or helping with labs or projects), or serving as a research mentor to high school students during the summer months.  Each of these options will fulfill the outreach requirement for Research Option and URA students, although the availability of these placements varies from year to year.  Those students who are doing science outreach as part of a research requirement are strongly encouraged to NOT wait until their senior year.  Finding placements that work with your class schedule can be tricky, and if you wait until the last semester, it is possible that we will not be able to find you a placement. 


Regardless of which program you are volunteering in, all GU participants will register for either BIOL 295 or CHEM 295, Science Outreach, which is a zero credit course.  While not affecting your overall credit load, this will allow you to supply documentation on your transcript of outreach experience to future graduate programs and/or employers.

Applications for the Fall 2017 Program of Science in Action! are to be submitted online and is accessible below.

Science in Action! - Fall 2017

(Applications open NOW and close on September 9th at 11:59 pm)

The application will require you to give some basic information about yourself and includes a list of possible volunteer times, so that you can indicate which dates and times work with your class schedule.  Additionally, there are two short essay questions (appx 250-500 words) pertaining to your interest in Science in Action! and previous experience in science and/or education.

There are many eager young students and teachers looking forward to spring semester science activities with Gonzaga students, so we hope you will consider turning in a volunteer application!

Important dates for Fall 2017 Semester:

  • Saturday, September 9 (11:59 pm) - Science in Action! applications are due
  • Saturday, September 16 - Notifications about SIA! acceptance & placements
  • Tuesday, September 19 - Mandatory SIA! orientation sessions in HU 014 (attend either at 12:10 or 6:00 pm) for ALL Fall 2017 SIA! volunteers.
  • Week of September 25th - Science in Action! class visits start!
  • Weekly training workshops - these will occur every Tuesday in HU 014, for the eight weeks during the semester that SIA! is in session.  You can attend at either 12:10 or 6:00.

If you have any questions about participating in science outreach at Gonzaga, please contact:

Rohan Kundargi
Science Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 313-6642
Office: HU 014A

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Kirk Anders
Department Chair
Phone: (509) 313-65933