System Operator Courses


ZagOps System Operator Training at Gonzaga University

Emergency Tasks Training:

3 Days, 24 hours, $900

Reliability Hours: 24 NERC CEH's
  • 8 Standards
  • 16 Simulation
  • 24 EOPS

Satisfies PER 005-001 Requirement 2 Annual Training Requirements

Upcoming Trainings:
  • Free 6 hour training for power students at undergrad/community colleges. Contract for availability
  • Verifying System Operator Capabilities on Emergency Tasks (Satisfies PER 005-001 Requirement 2 Annual Training Requirements). Three days.

  • The courses are offered in the new ZagOps Center at the Gonzaga campus in Spokane.  These courses are designed to meet recent NERC (North American Electric Reliability Council) training requirements.  NERC is recommending system operators complete 32 contact hours of system restoration-related training annually.

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The ZagOps training center provides an ideal environment for training operators in various roles. The state-of-the-art facility helps students develop cue recognition, communication skills, priority and goal setting skills, and team work.

The 20 operator workstations offer a flexible configuration. Operators can work in a variety of team settings while practicing system restoration skills. ZagOps was designed by industry trainers specifically for system operator training.

With help from a Department of Energy grant, Gonzaga has built ZagOps, a System Operator facility in the School of Engineering and Applied Science’s Herak Building.  ZagOps will be used to give hands-on, emergency procedures training during 2-4 day courses on the Gonzaga campus.


Gonzaga T&D Director, Peter McKenny, PhD, and Avista Training Coordinator Warren Maxvill (L) at the Avista system operations control room. Dr. McKenny brought in industry experts to help design the new ZagOps training center at Gonzaga University.

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