Graduate Assistantship Information

Each year the Department of Sport and Physical Education offers a select number of graduate assistantship positions to individuals pursuing a degree in Sport & Athletic Administration.  Currently, assistantships are awarded to individuals to teach undergraduate classes in Gonzaga University's extensive activities program.  Assistants are awarded one to four credits a semester (three being the average credit allotment).

The number of assistantships offered each year is based upon the needs of the department and student enrollment.  Selection criteria include academic record, recommendations, experience, and departmental needs.  While each applicant is asked for a preference of courses in which he/she feels competent to teach, the department cannot guarantee the desired courses will be given.

Once all the teaching assistantships have been conferred, if all allotted assistantship credits have not been awarded, the remaining credits may be granted to individuals interested in pursuing "research" assistantships.  In this case, the student will be assigned a faculty member to work with on current research projects.

Preference will be given to applicants who have experience in the types of duties required for the position in which he/she applies.


In order to qualify for an assistantship, regardless of the type (teaching or research) a student must have been granted full admission to the Sport and Athletic Administration program. Other qualifications are as follows:

Teaching Assistantships
  • Possess a desire to teach undergraduate activity courses
  • Possess an "expertise" in a unique activity that would allow us to expand our course offerings (i.e. backpacking, orienteering, triathlon training, etc.)
  • Demonstrate a desire to undertake administrative responsibilities within the Activities Program. This includes, but is not limited to, holding office hours, conducting evaluations, and covering courses for others in a time of need
Research Assistantships
  • Possess a desire to work with individual faculty in assisting with research projects, presentations or other professional writings.  You would not be expected to prepare class lessons or lectures, grade papers, etc.
  • Possess exemplary writing, research and organizational skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to follow directions from selected faculty


Graduate assistantship positions start in late August, run for one academic semester, and are renewable for three to five additional academic semesters (fall & spring) based on the quality of work determined by a department evaluation system.  A graduate assistantship normally ends when a period of agreement is concluded and the terms of the assistantship agreement are fulfilled.  Otherwise, a graduate assistantship may be terminated for the following reasons:

  • Resignation by the student
  • Failure of the student to perform his/her assigned duties adequately
  • Failure of the student to remain in good academic standing

Individuals are notified well in advance of non-renewal for the following term.


  • For each credit awarded, assistants are expected to "work" 45 hours over the course of the semester.  A graduate assistant's hours consist of a combination of teaching, instructional preparation time (researching) and administrative work.
  • The amount awarded per semester is based on the current tuition for graduate students.  For example, if the tuition is $700/credit, that means the stipend equals $700/credit awarded.  The number of credits awarded based on the needs of the department varies slightly each semester.  On an average, each graduate assistant is awarded 3 credits/term.  Payment will be divided over a four-month period and any hours not completed will be deducted monthly.
  • Graduate assistants are paid once a month and have the option of taking the money or turning it back over to student accounts to apply toward their tuition.

Application Process

  • Write a letter of request addressing your qualifications for an assistantship position and send to the Department Chair
  • Applications will be reviewed in late May for a determination of "fit" and departmental needs
  • Applicants will be notified mid-summer of acceptance or rejection.  This date may vary based on the University notifying Departments of available assistantships

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