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Dr. Vincent Alfonso


This year the School of Education (SOE) has been “connecting.”  We have brought all interested parties to the table building relationships and deciding how we want to be and be seen with others. 

We are a multi-talented group of individuals with much to offer. We are about energy and being the source that attracts others to collaborate, partner, share, and work in ways that have not been tried before or at least not in a long time. In my mind, it is via energy - mental, physical, and spiritual that connects us.

Our work with Catholic schools, public schools, Native American tribes, and military families is providing opportunities for faculty and students to engage in service, teaching, scholarship, collaborations/partnerships, and professionalism. Our achievements are innovative and progressive and emphasize the excellence of the faculty and commitment to the revitalization and evolution of the School. Our efforts are being rewarded with respect and recognition by our community, State, nation, and international partners.

This is also a time for reinvesting in Catholic education and supporting our Catholic schools in ways that we have never done before.  Pope Francis has expressed that we must ensure that our teachers and principals continue the triumphant work they do each and every day; that is educating our students not only in the three r’s, reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic, but in the roots of the Catholic faith and teachings of Jesus Christ.  

In November 2015, I am one of 80 delegates invited from the United States to attend the World Congress on Catholic Education in Rome, “Educating Today and Tomorrow – A Renewing passion.”  The congregation’s aim is to re-energize the Church’s commitment to education, by means of this World Congress.  I am looking forward to this tremendous opportunity to be with delegates from universities throughout the world and bring this energy back to Gonzaga and our Catholic partners.


Dr. Vincent Alfonso

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