Brook O. Swanson, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

I am a comparative physiologist. My teaching focuses on helping students to learn how organisms work and facilitating their application of this knowledge to diverse problems, from human health to conservation. My research seeks to explain the diversity...

Brook Swanson

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Education & Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Biology, Northern Arizona University

B.S., Biological Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology

Courses Taught

Biol 105: Information Flow in Biological systems

Biol 104: Human Ecology

Biol 159/359: Field studies in biodiversity

Biol 205: Physiology and Biodiversity

Biol 341 Human Physiology

Biol 193: First Year Seminar: Art and Science of Dance

Biol 480: Marine Biology

I am a comparative physiologist. My teaching focuses on helping students to learn how organisms work and facilitating their application of this knowledge to diverse problems, from human health to conservation. My research seeks to explain the diversity of animal form and function.

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* denotes undergraduate student author.

The Swanson Lab studies how complex mechanical systems evolve in animals. Recent work has focused on the evolution of sexually selected weapons in crabs and beetles. We have opportunities for undergraduate researchers to work on a project studying the behavior and mechanics of rhinoceros beetles. This project is a collaboration with the University of Montana and seeks to understand the evolution of rhinoceros beetle horns from the genes responsible for their development to their fitness consequences in the wild. Our specific work fits between these two ideas and seeks to connect genetic variation with mechanics and mechanics with fitness in these beetles. Research students are involved in experimental design, data collection (in the field and in the lab), data analysis, writing, and presentations.