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I'm Not Getting Emails (September)

Each September, the Department updates the listserver with new majors and minors. We use the listserver to provide you with important announcements related to the major, as well as circulating employment and internship opportunities. If you are new major or minor and have not been receiving departmental emails, please notify your advisor and they will correct the problem. If you are already a major or minor and do not wish to receive such notifications through the listserver, you can easily remove your email address from the list or you can send a removal request to Bill Hayes (

Graduate School Workshops (September-November)

Each Fall, the Department offers a series of workshops that enable undergraduates to prepare and submit materials for graduate school admission. The initial workshop provides an introduction to the application process. Subsequent workshops focus on different elements of the application process, including letters of introduction, resume/ CVs, writing samples, computer tests (GREs) and letters of reference.

While the workshops are open to all GU students, we especially encourage Sociology and CJ students to take advantage of this opportunity. Even if you do not think you will be applying this Fall, the information and training will help you prepare a working application file for future application.

We will hold the first workshop on Wednesday, September 28th at 5 pm on the third floor of College (room to be announced).

Undergraduate Advising (October)

As always, your faculty stand ready to meet with you about your program of study on the 3rd floor of College. Please set up an appointment to discuss your academic plans, intellectual issues in sociology, or to just get acquainted.

As you know, each semester you are expected to meet with your advisor to confirm that your student record is in order. When you meet, you can use the SOCI/ CJ Major and Minors worksheet which shows your progress toward the degree requirements in sociology. During your advising session, please come prepared to discuss any problems or questions.

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