Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of support services are available?

The Student Services team is available 6 days a week to answer your questions and connect you to the resources you need. You will also be assigned a faculty advisor to help guide you with your academic goals. Online and on-campus students have access to all Gonzaga’s resources including:

  • Foley Library
  • IT Help Desk
  • Disability Access
  • Career Center
  • Grad Student Association
  • University Ministry

We are all here to help you succeed. 

Are the online and on-campus courses the same in terms of content?

Students who complete the work for an eight-week course in the online environment are required to accomplish the same type and amount of work they would in an on-campus course.

How much time is required per week to be successful?

This will vary depending on the courses you are taking, your learning style and your course load. Most students dedicate approximately 15 hours per week toward coursework. This will fluctuate up and down, depending on the deadlines in the course.

How do I get textbooks as an online student?

Ordering your textbooks online from the Gonzaga Bookstore is simple, quick convenient. The bookstore has options for students to purchase or rent their textbooks and students can order textbooks either in-person or online. If you order textbooks online, they will be shipped directly to you. You are welcome to shop at other online or local retailers.

Contact Admissions:

Call or Text: (866) 380-5323
Email: guonlineadmissions@gonzaga.edu