Top 10 Clues Gonzaga Exists

students look at dirt through magnifying glass

March 28, 2019

For Jimmy Kimmel and his partner, Sherlock — and anyone else who wonders — here's evidence that #GonzagaExists. 


  1. We connect the world: We not only exist in Spokane, WA but also have a campus in Florence, Italy. The 46 percent of undergraduate students who study abroad are proof positive that Gonzaga exists EVERYWHERE.

  2. We gave you a White Christmas: World-famous crooner Bing Crosby is a Gonzaga alumnus and we have a museum on campus to prove it.

  3. We improve communities: Zags provide 85,000 hours of community service each year for real people and real non-profits.

  4. We’ve got spirit, yes we do: The Kennel Club – Not Kimmel Club – is ranked as one of the top 5 student cheer sections by Princeton Review.

    students are dressed up and painted up in The Kennel to cheer on the Zags

  5. We can dance if we want to: Sure, we love the NCAA “Big Dance,” but we also put our best foot forward for others through GU Dance Marathon—which recently raised more than $82,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network.

  6. We fight to stop hate: Gonzaga created the first-ever Institute for Hate Studies that inspires kindness, information-sharing and action against acts of hate.

  7. We make the extraordinary possible: Maybe this is why Mr. Kimmel is questioning us. But the fact is, US News and World report ranked us #1 for undergraduate teaching. Our professors open unbelievable opportunities for students. 

  8. We bring energy and light to the world: We have a highly-ranked (#18 in US News), accredited Engineering program—something only three other Jesuit universities in the west can claim.

  9. We are committed to justice: A third of the Washington Supreme Court Justices graduated from Gonzaga School of Law. So start watching your P’s and Q’s Jimmy.

  10. We make real news: No fake news here (ahem, Jimmy). Gonzaga Bulletin alumni have interned at the Washington Post, the Associated Press, and Sports Illustrated.

  11. We give voice to the voiceless: When people feel invisible, a Gonzaga alum is there to help—like Fr. Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries in LA, or all the Zags who’ve made Gonzaga number one for Peace Corps volunteer alumni. (Yes, this is eleven…because we aren’t real, right?)

 Not sure why Jimmy Kimmel has anything to do with the real Gonzaga? Check out this "Zaga" that played out on late-night TV during March Madness 2019.

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