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The Our 2020 Project is imagined as a grassroots community diary of how Gonzaga experienced this most extraordinary year. COVID-19 has already disrupted the campus life and instruction we've known, and may well dictate the terms of a new normal going forward. With economic and civic turmoil as added backdrop, we can expect Fall Semester to be a truly unique chapter in Zag history. As eyewitness contributors, it will be your lives--your thoughts, feelings, decisions, creative expressions--that can shed light into to the moment. All submissions will be held from public view at least until January 1st, 2026.  By then an entirely new body of students will be having their own Gonzaga experience, entirely reliant on the historical records we compile for a sense of what 2020 meant. Let's provide them with an impression that's as honest, serious and multi-faceted as possible. Thanks for contributing!  Our 2020 Project Submission Guidelines

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