Services for Visitors and Alumni

Visitors and Gonzaga Alumni

Visitors are welcome! Foley Library staff are happy to assist visitors with their research activities subject to available resources.

  • Library materials may be used inside the building during established visitor hours. A Community Borrower’s Card may be purchased for $35 a year in order to check out books.
  • There are four visitor computer stations. Computer use is limited to one hour per day per visitor. The availability of computing resources is not guaranteed and hours of operation may vary.
  • Visitors do not have access to study rooms, computer labs, the testing center, conference rooms, and staff areas. After 9:00pm, access to the building and the atrium is restricted to those with a valid ZagCard. Visitors may be asked to leave. All visitors and alumni must comply with the Foley Library Building Use Policy.


Checking our Materials

Borrowing Policy for Alumni Association Members
Borrowing Policy for Public

If you have a question that does not seem to be covered in these statements, please contact a librarian or Library Dean, Dr. Paul Bracke.

Building Access

Visitors and alumni are welcome in Foley Library during the following hours during the regular school year (fall and spring semesters). Hours may be reduced during summer semester, academic breaks, and on University holidays.

Visitor Building Access Hours

            Monday - Friday   7:30 am - 9 pm*
            Saturday             10 am - 6 pm
            Sunday               10 am - 9 pm*


*Access to the atrium and library after 9 pm is limited to current Gonzaga University students, faculty and staff. A valid ZAGCARD is needed to enter the building, including both Foley Atrium and Foley Library. Visitors are required to exit the building at this time. Failure to exit the building at the appropriate time may result in a loss of library privileges and a referral to Campus Security.

Computer Access

There are four library computers which are reserved for use by Gonzaga alumni and other visitors to campus. Any use of Foley Center Library computers must be in compliance with the Foley Library Computer Use Policy

Visitor Computer Hours

The computers are available the following hours during the semester, hours may be reduced during holidays and breaks:

       Monday-Friday           8 am - 4:45 pm

       Saturday - Sunday    1 pm - 4:45 pm

  • Visitors must sign in at the Information Desk and get a PIN from the Information Desk staff.
  • Use of the public access computers is limited to one hour per day.