Overview & Sample Schedule


TESOL Abroad Overview & Sample Schedule

Gonzaga's TESOL Abroad certificate courses are an intensive EFL teacher training course which consists of a minimum of 60 classroom hours of input (3.5 hours daily) followed by a minimum of 35 hours (approximately 2 hours daily) of observation and teaching practice in the "Language Camp." The Language Camp is a free EFL program offered to children and adults for the duration of the course and is supervised by experienced teachers. Depending on the country where you are taking the course (Japan, Poland, Mexico, Peru, or Italy), the Language Camp attendees range in age from 4 to 60 years, and in proficiency from zero beginners to advanced learners. There is a fairly heavy reading load for the course, daily reflection, observation, or journal assignments, as well as required group and individual lesson planning time.

TESOL Abroad participants gain an understanding of basic second language acquisition theory and language teaching methodologies. They are able to design, implement, and critique their own lesson plans and those of their peers. They are required to reflect on their observations and teaching, and to collaborate in groups to achieve curricular goals. Students successfully completing the course receive 4 semester credits (either graduate or undergraduate, with the former having a heavier assignment load), and a certificate of completion. The day-by-day syllabus is listed below:

Day 1


Building a Community of Learners – collaboration, classroom management, interaction; how to break the ice and get students ready for English


Day 2


Cross-cultural communication; professionalism in the classroom; Language Camp orientation


Day 3


The Basics – principal (second) language acquisition perspectives (Skinner, Chomsky, Krashen, Piaget, Vygotsky)


Day 4


Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching – Grammar Translation, ALM, Total Physical Response, Communicative Language Teaching.


Day 5


"Have Text, Will Travel" – Adapting authentic materials; lesson planning; covering the 4 skills; learning styles


Day 6


Oral Communication – How to teach conversation; "active" listening; balancing accuracy and fluency; error correction & feedback basics


Day 7


Teaching listening; Teaching with songs and other texts


Day 8


Let the Games Begin – Using language games to promote acquisition and fluency; establishing a learner centered classroom


Day 9


Small Talk tour- observing students in oral communication activities; learner-centered teaching; error analysis basics


Day 10


Literacy, Language, and Cultural Issues – Looking at language acquisition from the perspective of immigrants and refugees; language & power; Literacy issues


Day 11

Student Lesson Presentations – Observing & critiquing lesson plans and teaching practices; Error correction

Day 12

Student Lesson Presentations – Observing & critiquing lesson plans and teaching practices; “Grammar Spot”- language awareness activity

Day 13

Student Lesson Presentations – Observing & critiquing lesson plans and teaching practices; Error correction

Day 14

Materials and Management – evaluating textbooks; adapting authentic materials to provide context and language practice

Day 15

Teaching Pronunciation – basic phonology; "best" pronunciation teaching practices

Writing – What does ESL writing look like? How do we teach it? How do we provide feedback?

Day 16

Wrap Up – Synthesis and evaluation of material; course evaluations

Day 17

Employment resources; Technology in the Classroom; ESL/EFL for children; Teaching to specific language groups; Assessment in ESL

Gonzaga University’s English Language Center is accredited by The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA). Gonzaga University’s MA/TESL program is accredited by The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Gonzaga University is accredited by The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. For further information on this course, please contact Amber McKenzie at mckenziea@gonzaga.edu.

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