TESOL Summer Institute


TESOL Summer Institute

Gonzaga Campus

July 5 - July 28, 2017

Credits: 4

Tuition: $2,780 (4 graduate credits) or $3,000 (4 undergraduate credits)

Fees: $170*

*this is an estimate and does not include mandatory medical insurance required for international students.


The TESOL Summer Institute is designed for those students/teachers interested in teaching a foreign or second language either in the United States or overseas. During the Institute's four weeks, we will explore current methods, materials, and principles used in teaching languages (e.g. English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese) to non-native speakers.


  • Integrated language instruction
  • Communicative language teaching
  • Cooperative learning
  • Process writing
  • Content-based learning
  • Literature-based learning
  • Language games and songs

Students will learn how to apply these methods to the specific needs of language learners during a three-week language camp designed for ESL students in the community. Since the Gonzaga MA/TESL Program serves a variety of different learning and teaching populations, the Summer Institute Program is structured to address the teaching and learning needs of the participants. As such, although the students will be introduced to a broad range of second language principles, theories and methods, the course remains student-centered. Students will focus on their particular teaching situations, areas of interest, or fields of research.

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