Applicants must hold a Master’s degree or its equivalent and have two years of professional experience. Admission is based on a review of a total profile with careful attention to the fit between the needs of the student and the program’s offerings. We admit students on a rolling basis throughout the year; students may enter the program during the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters. (Note: The official Gonzaga Admissions information can be found here.)

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Criteria & Requirements
Application Materials
Provisional Acceptance
Transfer Credits
International Students
Certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies
Semester Away (Quick-Admit)

Applications are reviewed by the doctoral faculty throughout the year and students are usually notified of decisions within 45 days of the submission of a completed application.

Criteria & Requirements
Factors considered in admission include:

  • Character; motivation; commitment to social justice; ability to work independently and in teams;
  • Academic abilities: writing ability demonstrated by completion of the Master’s degree with a 3.5 GPA or better;
  • Test scores: general verbal, quantitative, and analytical skills demonstrated by a score of 50 percentile or better on either the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT);
  • Interview with the department chair is also required. For students who are not in the geographical area, this interview can be done by phone or Skype. During this interview, applicants will be counseled on factors they need to carefully consider before embarking on a Ph.D., issues they need to consider in deciding whether the Gonzaga program is their best choice, the relationship between their career goals and the Doctoral Program, and their possibilities for acceptance.

Additional information for international students may be found here.

Application Materials

  1. The official doctoral application form and $50 non-refundable fee;
  2. A written statement of purpose that includes the reasons why the applicant is seeking a doctorate in leadership as well as a description of critical issues of concern to the applicant. The statement must be typed and is limited to 500 words;
  3. A minimum of 3 recommendations using the official doctoral confidential recommendation form. References must be selected from among supervisors, instructors, and colleagues who have worked with the applicant during the past five years. Two recommendations should come from the area of work experience and at least one from academic experience;
  4. A resume that includes: formal education, professional experience, academic achievements and honors, scholarly activity, and relevant non-professional experience;
  5. Two official transcripts from each college or university attended (international applicants must submit foreign transcripts in the original language and an English copy);
  6. The official score from either the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT). (Must be less than five years old);
  7. Submission of an official TOEFL score of at least 550 by each international applicant who graduated from a foreign college or university and whose native language is not English; and
  8. Submission of a financial declaration and supporting documentation by each international applicant.

Provisional Acceptance
If a careful review of a student’s application package suggests there is a strong possibility of success in the program despite weaknesses in one or more areas, the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies may grant provisional admission to the program. A letter offering provisional admission will state the conditions that must be satisfied before the admission status will be changed to regular admission.

Students who are admitted provisionally will not be allowed to enroll in courses beyond one semester unless their admission status is changed to regular admission. A student admitted provisionally is not eligible for financial assistance. Enrollment in specific courses for provisionally admitted students may require the consent of their advisor.

The decision to convert a provisional admission to a regular admission is made by the Department. The student initiates this process with a letter to the Program Director that responds to the reason for the provisional admission. In some cases the provisionally admitted students may be required to attach to this letter a paper from a course that demonstrates writing ability along with the comments of the faculty member.

Transfer Credits
Although it is presumed that all work for the doctorate will be completed at Gonzaga University, the Graduate School may accept up to 12 credit hours from another college or university for coursework in which a grade of “B” or higher was awarded. The acceptance of transfer credits requires the recommendation of the Doctoral Program chairperson. No course for which a grade less than “B” has been awarded may be accepted in transfer, and transfer credits are not entered onto a student's transcript until the student is advanced to doctoral candidacy.

The limitations on transfer credit for the Doctoral Program are as follows:

  1. Work to be transferred must clearly be doctoral-level coursework as defined by the granting institution;
  2. Coursework must have been completed while the individual was accepted in a doctoral program accredited by a regional accrediting agency;
  3. Coursework must have been completed within five years prior to the date of acceptance into the Doctoral Program at Gonzaga University;
  4. Courses may not be transferred for the four core courses (DPLS 700, 701, 703, & 720), or Proposal Seminar (DPLS 730);
  5. Transfer of all required courses will require faculty approval;
  6. Transfer credits will be applied to the elective 18 credits (which include Individually Directed Study credits);
  7. Coursework to be transferred must fit the mission of the Doctoral Program.

After an initial conference with a student or potential student who wishes to transfer credit, the program chairperson will send a letter (with a copy placed in the student's file) informing him or her as to what credits will be accepted and what stipulations, if any, have been made. The student must be sure to complete a Transfer of Credit form, as well, which Marnie Broughton ( can provide you.

Students can take up to six credits in one semester as a non-matriculated student before they are formally admitted to the Program. Students must apply for regular admission before beginning their second semester in the Program. Students cannot use instructors of courses they take as non-matriculated students as references for admission to the program. Click here for the application form to apply to the DPLS program as a non-matriculated student.

International Students
Gonzaga welcomes applications from international students. Non-native English speaking students must present evidence of English proficiency sufficient for graduate-level work. Gonzaga University requires the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and that the official scores be sent from ETS. In lieu of the TOEFL, Gonzaga will accept satisfactory completion of Level 108 of the University’s English as a Second Language program with a grade point average of at least 3.00 and the recommendation of the ESL faculty. Applicants should submit transcripts in both their native language and an English translation. Photocopies are not accepted as official documents and may not be used for evaluation purposes.

In addition, Gonzaga University requests international applicants provide documentation of sufficient funds for academic and living costs while staying in the United States for at least the academic year (two consecutive full-time semesters) via the Financial Declaration form. On this form, students state that they have access to a certain amount of available funds as well as the source(s) for these funds. Students must provide documentation regarding the source of funding such as written notification from a sponsor or a certified bank statement.

In order to process an I-20 form, the university requires a completed Financial Declaration form and supporting documents. The university program director collects the information and accompanying documents; when the student is accepted, the program director forwards the documentation to International Student Programs, which prepares and mails the I-20 to the student. The student must report to the International Student Programs Office immediately upon arrival to receive a travel signature and to have immigration information collected.

For more information, contact the International Student Programs office at 509-313-6563.

Certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies
The Certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies is a flexible program specifically tailored to the needs of the individual student and separate from the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies. Students formally admitted to the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies who decide not to complete the Doctoral program can petition the faculty for the Certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies.

A general plan of study based on the objectives of the student is developed with the chair of the Doctoral Program before the student is admitted into the Certificate Program. Students are required to take Leadership Theory (DPLS 700) and Organizational Theory (DPLS 701), as well as additional courses relevant to their needs. General expectations include that a student will participate for two years, take classes during the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms, and enroll in a minimum of 18 credits. There is also a “summer’s only” option that allows students to enroll in 18 credits over a four calendar year period.

Students can start any term. Participation in the Certificate Program is limited to six students a year. This limitation is necessary because Certificate students take regular classes and Doctoral classes are limited to 15 or fewer students. Students in the Certificate Program will be considered non-degree seeking and will not be eligible for student loans or graduate assistantships.

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements for participation in this program:

  • have completed a master’s degree (or its equivalent) with a minimum 3.5 GPA;
  • submit an application form to the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies;
  • provide the official transcript for the highest degree they have completed;
  • submit one letter of recommendation;
  • submit a personal statement of not more than 500 words detailing the student's interest in obtaining the certificate; and
  • undergo an interview with the Chair of the Doctoral Program. This interview can be in-person, over the phone, or over the Internet.

Additional Considerations
Students who start the Certificate Program are eligible to change their educational objective and move into the Doctoral Program upon completing the doctoral admission process. Once the certificate is granted it cannot be revoked, therefore students interested in pursuing the Ph.D. are encouraged to make that decision prior to completing more than 12 credits in the Certificate Program. Students that complete the Certificate Program and then choose to move forward into the Doctoral Program are allowed to transfer a maximum of 12 credits into the Doctoral Program, and will take 48 additional doctoral credits to meet the 60-credit degree requirement.

Students formally admitted to the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies who decide not to complete the Doctoral program can petition the faculty for the Certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies and will be subject to the pertinent academic process.

Courses taken more than five years previous to enrollment will not be accepted into the Doctoral Program. Students enroll in regular doctoral classes, complete the same assignments, pay regular doctoral tuition, and receive a Gonzaga University transcript. Students must maintain good academic standing for the entire 18 credits of the Certificate Program. After completing 18 credits and based on the recommendation of the faculty of the Doctoral Program, Gonzaga University will grant students a Certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies.

We welcome the opportunity of discussing the relevance of this program to each student's needs. Prospective students are encouraged to discuss their plans with the Chair of the Doctoral Program.

Semester Away (Quick-Admit)
When students take a semester off and then try to register for classes in a subsequent semester, Marnie Broughton has to "quick admit" them. Students must contact Marnie Broughton ( prior to the semester in which they intend to register. Students must be quick-admitted before they will be able to register for classes. This applies to all students, including summers-only students.

All Are Welcome Here
All Are Welcome Here