Graduate Assistantship

DPLS offers a handful of graduate assistantships each semester. Jobs vary, but often include assisting professors. Graduate Assistants must reapply each semester for Graduate Assistantships (also called “GA credits”). Graduate Assistant applicants are responsible for turning in their applications by the deadlines indicated each term usually via the DPLS Blog, Facebook, and Twitter. (Generally, the application deadline will fall within the months listed below.)

Use this the Graduate Assistantship application form to apply. Applications can be faxed to 509-313-3463 or returned to the DPLS program coordinator by mail or drop-off. Only those Graduate Assistant applications submitted before the deadline will be considered. If positions remain open, we will consider late applications. Graduate Assistant applicants must have a valid U.S. Social Security Number in order for a Graduate Assistantship to be granted.

Due Date Months
Term: Fall - July 16
Term: Spring - November 16
Term: Summer - March 16

To complete your timesheet, log on to ZagWeb.

All Are Welcome Here
All Are Welcome Here