Learning Goals

As part of the DPLS learning community, students will:

  1. Understand principles of contemplation and discernment in order to facilitate personal development and to become more authentic leaders.
  2. Understand the role of ethics in leadership, and develop ethical reasoning and reflection skills that will enhance positive, healthy relationships and that will move self and others toward the goodness of life.
  3. Inspire, create, and lead based on respect for and accountability to others, their organizations, and humanity as a whole.
  4. Understand organizations as social constructions that are living, dynamic systems.This leads to purposeful thought, words, and action regarding the change process at the individual, organizational, and global level.
  5. Through the practice of positive organizational leadership, develop the ability to seek goodness, engender and amplify it, in personal, organizational, and global systems.
  6. Understand and prize diversity and promote global approaches to issues, with special attention to the implications of diversity for individuals, organizations, and societies.
  7. Become increasingly committed to social justice, and through their participation in community activities, refining the skills relevant to bringing about more humane social institutions.
  8. Develop research competencies that are founded on practices of rigorous scholarship and that inform a practice of seeking truth in social science.

Further learning goals of the program are outlined and described here.

All Are Welcome Here
All Are Welcome Here