Comprehensive Leadership Program Application

2016-2017 CLP Applications will be accepted until 11:59 pm on Monday, October 10, 2016.

**Please note: you cannot save your work and return to the application.  We recommend completing the essay questions on a word document and copying them into the correct spaces**

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Many students at Gonzaga do not declare a major field of study when they first enter the University. Nevertheless, please indicate fields of study that interest you.
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Mention any hobbies or other interests


Why do you want to be in CLP? Please answer in 200 words or less.
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Reflect on a person or event that has been influential in your life. Explain what has made this person/event meaningful to you in 400 words or less.
Provide three words that you would use to describe your old self, three words for your current self, and three words for your future self.
In your experience, what is the most important trait of a leader? (In 200 words or less)
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