Department of Nursing Travel Policies and Procedures

Please utilize the below travel policies and procedures to guide your planning for clinical site visits. If you have any questions, please reach out to Melina Palomba at or (509) 313 6709.  


  • Airfare bookings must be made three weeks prior to travel through the Concur online booking tool or by contacting Barbara Hertz with Anthony Travel at (509) 313-5629.
  • Taxi use should be limited, with preference given to public transportation. If public transportation is unavailable or inadequate, then taxis can be used. Each trip should be separately identified on the expense report. Receipts should be obtained for each trip.
  • Car Rental must be arranged through Enterprise Rent-A-Car or National Car Rental. These arrangements must be made through Concur or Anthony Travel at (509) 313-5629.
  • Personal vehicles can be used for clinical site visits. Reimbursement is calculated per mile based on the current federal mileage reimbursement rate and is limited to the amount of the cost for standard round-trip coach airfare. The mileage and transportation expenses must be included on your expense report. Mileage from home to work is considered a personal expense and is, therefore, not reimbursable by Gonzaga. When making travel arrangements, please pick the most cost-effective mode of transportation.


  • Hotel accommodations must be arranged three weeks prior to travel. Gonzaga's policy is to use quality commercial-grade hotel facilities. Some hotels will request Gonzaga's tax ID number (91-0236600). While hotel rates vary significantly from city to city, a range of $70-$150 per night is suggested.
  • You will be responsible for any changes or room reservation cancellations. Any no-show charges will normally be the direct responsibility of the employee. To avoid incurring such costs, you are encouraged to cancel in a timely manner.
  • If you continue a trip for personal reasons, hotel reservations must be transferred to your personal credit card.
  • Personal hotel expenses will not be reimbursed by Gonzaga. The following is a sample list (not all-inclusive):
    • Movies and video rentals
    • Premium TV channels
    • Toiletry items
    • Hotel health club fees
    • Lost or stolen items
    • Hotel pet fees

Travel Related Expenses

  • For trips that do not require an overnight stay, no meals will be reimbursed. For trips that require an overnight stay, meals can be reimbursed in two ways:
    1. Actual Expense (preferred method)
      • Report actual expenses for Meals and Incidental Expenses.
      • Meals should be charged to a Zags Travel Expense card (when applicable).
    2. Per Diem
      • Upon completion of a trip, you can request reimbursement of Per Diem based on the current GSA rates.
  • Parking and toll charges incurred during the clinical site visit are reimbursable in addition to the mileage allowance and other transportation expenses. However, if you have extended your trip for personal time, and you parked your vehicle at the airport, you need to prorate the cost between business and personal.
  • Baggage fees incurred during the clinical site visit are reimbursable with a limit of one checked baggage per business trip. Receipt is required for reimbursement.
  • Personal travel expenses will not be reimbursed by Gonzaga. The following is a sample list (not all-inclusive):
    • Car washes
    • Barber and hairdresser expenses
    • Medical expenses
    • Personal reading and entertainment materials
    • Traffic fines and penalties
    • Repairs, maintenance, and towing of personal vehicle
    • Personal credit card fees and penalties
    • Meals out with students
    • Alcoholic beverages