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Human Physiology

Human physiology is the science of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical function of humans, and serves as the foundation of modern medicine. As a discipline, it connects science, medicine, performance, and health to create a framework for understanding how the human body adapts to stress, physical activity, and disease.

The BS in Human Physiology is an ideal major for students who plan to pursue advanced degrees in physiology, the health professions and/or biomedical research.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Human Physiology at Gonzaga is to foster undergraduate education, scientific research, and dissemination of information in the physiological and biomedical sciences. We value the aspirations, individuality, and success of our students, faculty, and staff who work and learn here. We value academic freedom, creative expression, the pursuit of excellence, and the discernment that stems from logic and reason. We value our shared responsibility to steward resources sustainably and responsibly. We aspire to be a preeminent and innovative undergraduate program in the physiological sciences. We seek to enrich the lives of others through teaching, mentoring, scholarship, experiential learning, creative inquiry, and scientific discovery.


Your student journey will begin by exploring the concepts associated with human physiology and the scientific method.

Student Research

All Human Physiology students will engage in novel research projects with their peers and under the guidance of a faculty member.

RHP Building

Our program will be moving into a state-of-the-art teaching and research building in July 2022 that will also house medical students from UW.

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