Integrative and Environmental Physiology Lab and Exercise Physiology Teaching Lab

Integrative and Environmental Physiology Lab

In this lab space, we can ask in-depth questions about the responses of humans to environmental stimuli. Our environmental chamber allows us to manipulate the environment and measure human function in a variety of unique conditions. We'll be able to manipulate temperature between -18°C to +44°C (0°F to 111°F), relative humidity between 30% to 95%, and simulate altitude from sea level to 5,550m (18,000 ft).

Some examples of the possibilities include: we can simulate higher altitudes and measure how exercise capacity changes. We can simulate training at altitude and show how sea-level performance changes. We can simulate the effects of hard work in hot, dry environment or very cold environments and see how task performance and physiological control changes. In addition to testing these effects on the human function, we can also test the effects of different garments on improving human function in these environments. For example, in simulating hard work in hot, dry environments, we can test various clothing for, say, wildland firefighters and determine how different protective gear/clothing might affect their ability to work. Really, the list here is endless.


  • Control environmental chamber
  • Two Woodway treadmills (Pro and Pro XL)
  • Lode Excalibur bicycle ergometer
  • GE Logiq e ultrasound
  • Cosmed K5 wearable metabolic system
  • Moxy Monitor NIRS
  • PhysioFlow hemodynamic monitor
  • ADInstruments Finapress NOVA non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitor
  • ADInstruments PowerLab data acquisition system
  • Two ParvoMedics metabolic systems

Student running on a treadmill in lab

Exercise Physiology Teaching Lab

This space allows for a large amount of equipment, with ample space for student instruction. In this lab we routinely teach students to evaluate many aspects of exercise physiology such as resting metabolism, exercise metabolism (running and cycling), and Wingate testing. We have the capacity to teach students to measure blood flow via ultrasound, muscle oxygenation via NIRS, continuous blood pressure via Finapress and cardio output using PhysioFlow.


In addition to the portable equipment mentioned in the integrative and environmental physiology lab, the teaching lab also has: 

  • Woodway Pro XL treadmill
  • Velotron bicycle ergometer
  • Two Monark 894e Wingate bicycler ergometer

Students studying in lab