Cellular and Molecular Research & Teaching Labs

The opening of the Regional Health Partnership Building allowed us to add brand new courses and experiences to our curriculum that were previously never offered to our students. The new cellular & molecular teaching lab can accommodate up to 16 students and provides them opportunities to develop their bench research skills (lab safety, pipetting, act) while also exposing them to standard biomedical techniques like isolating DNA or RNA, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and counter-staining tissue samples (histochemistry). Adjacent to the teaching lab is a dedicated research lab that has a cell culture room for working with human or tissue cell lines, fluorescent microscope capabilities, and cryostorage. This space allows faculty to work closely with students to investigate or molecular mechanisms that underly human health and function. 

We are excited about the addition of these new spaces and look forward to continuing to develop new research and learning experiences for our students. 


  • Bio-Rad CFX Opus 96 Real-time qPCR System
  • VWR XT-96 Thermocyclers
  • Invitrogen iBright 1500 Imaging System
  • BioSpec Nano Spectrophotometer
  • Labconco Logic+ Biosafety Cabinet
  • ThermoFisher Sorvall X Pro Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Invitrogen Evos FLoid Microscope
  • ThermoFisher Forma-80C Freezer