English Language Learner Endorsement

Instructors work with students at Gonzaga's Summer Language Camp.

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English Language Learner (ELL) Endorsement

The MA/TESOL Program offers a 14-credit ELL endorsement which consists of the courses shown below. In consultation with an advisor, the K-12 teacher candidate will design a hands-on course of study that examines the following:

  • Contexts and orientations for TESOL and bilingual education
  • An introduction to fundamental concepts of first and second language acquisition
  • Ideas for teaching language through content and developing materials for the content-based classrooms
  • Strategies for working with English language learners in classrooms Cross-cultural training for working with diverse populations
  • Strategies for incorporating state standards into instruction and assessment for English language learners
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Required Courses for the ELL Endorsement

MTSL 408/508 Principles of Second Language Acquisition (3 Credits)

Examines major theoretical concepts in the field, such as input and interaction, language learner strategies and routines, negotiating meaning, L2 motivation and investment, and linguistic, cognitive and social developmental processes within sociocultural contexts.

MTSL 514/EDTE 566 Literacy and English Language Learners (3 credits)

This course examines literacy practices as complex activities related to English as second language learners. Students will create classroom materials for K to adult learners to support multiple literacies.

MTSL 304/503 Immigrant and Refugee Perspectives (3 credits)

A hands-on introduction to the lives of immigrants and refugees in the local area, with emphasis on second language learning and teaching. Students also visit local refugee and immigrant organizations.

MTSL 550 Language Awareness (1 credit)

This online course will cover the basics of syntax along with the common metalanguage that enables teachers to talk about grammar, as well as broader issues of language structure in general.

TESOL Summer Institute or TESOL Abroad

In conjunction with the public schools, Gonzaga MA/TESOL offers a three-week, four-credit intensive TESOL Summer Institute each July. The Institute consists of coursework (MTSL 401/501) and a Language Camp (MTSL 480/580) for ESOL students. Summer Institute participants receive a TESOL certificate upon successful completion of the course.

MTSL 401/501 Theory and Practice of Language Teaching (3 Credits)

This intensive course investigates current theories in second language acquisition and ELL/EFL methodology. While observing, assisting and teaching in MA/TESOL Language Camp, students focus on their particular teaching situations, areas of interest, or research field.

MTSL 480/580 Summer Language Program (1 Credit)

An integral feature of the Institute is a one-credit Summer Language Program (SLP). In conjunction with Spokane Public Schools, the SLP provides a unique opportunity for its participants to work with ELL students of various ages, nationalities, and proficiency levels. Included in this enhanced hands-on experience are opportunities for observation, teaching, and participation in social activities with ELL students.

TESOL Abroad

MTSL 401/501 02 Theory and Practice of Language Teaching (3 Credits) 

MTSL 480/580 01 Summer Language Camp Program (1 Credit)

In addition to the on-campus TESOL Summer Institute, Gonzaga MA/TESL offers a two to three week intensive TESOL Abroad certificate course in various cities worldwide, including Florence, Italy; Nagoya, Japan; and Krakow, Poland; Leon, Mexico; Cusco, Peru. The program offers a survival language component, as well as practical teaching experience with local students, and excursions!

Total Credits for the ELL Endorsement = 14