Welcome From Your Virtual GEL Hosts

A group of four students goof around during Orientation weekend.

April 16, 2020

One of the best parts of GEL Weekend is connecting with current students! Even virtually, our students are eager to welcome new Zags and share what they loved about their GEL experiences and why they chose to #BeAZag.

Reilly Bettis ('22) - Criminology 


Michael Valeriano ('22) - Computer Engineering


Katrina Taylor ('22) - Psychology


Anna Gunnelson ('22) - Biology


Jessica Morales ('22) - Psychology


Erika Shelby ('22) - Psychology


Daniel Dougherty ('22) - Human Physiology


Abby Marquez ('22) - Civil Engineering


Aliza Khan ('21) - Psychology


Isaac Ollero ('22) - Business Administration

"I was given a hand-carved wooden statue bulldog by my Grandpa when I was eight that said 'Future Zag.' My sister, who is 9 years older than me, had just chosen Gonzaga and received a wooden bulldog herself. I barely knew what college was, but Gonzaga was the only one I was exposed to when I was young. I thought every campus was like the one that I visited with my sister when she was leaving. When I was going on college tours in high school, none of them made me feel at home like GU did. So I decided to do what my Grandpa had expected and went from 'Future Zag' to actual Zag."

On the right: a student holds a carved wooden bulldog while wearing a Kennel Club shirt. On the left: the carved bulldog close -up.