Gonzaga in Delft program underway

Gonzaga in Delft 2019
Students near Oude Delft

May 15, 2019
Alex Maxwell & Rhonda Young

two students in large wooden shoe
Well, the Gonzaga-in-Delft program has officially started. All the students arrived safely and settled into their lodgings.  After a brief course introduction and icebreaker exercise (Lily, thank you for introducing us to pass-the-watermelon!), we enjoyed a short walk along Oude Delft – the oldest canal and street in the city – before sitting down for a welcome meal near De Beestenmarkt.

Off to get some rest for now, but excited to be together again in the morning to collect our bikes and begin our first full day touring the amazing bicycle infrastructure throughout the city. Goede nacht!


2019 students in Delft

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