Stroopwafels and Meat Pies

street food
Olivia, Brooke and Ryan eat a Stroopwafel at de Markt, a Thursday market in the heart of Delft.

May 16, 2019
Brooke Whitsell


meat pies
Goedemorgen vanuit Delft! We kicked off our first official day of classes by taking a quick walk to a bike shop to get our sweet new rides. After that we spent a few hours touring the bicycle infrastructure throughout the city. During the tour, we saw a bicycle traffic circle, an uncontrolled bike intersection, and separated and shared bike lanes. Then we took a lunch break and went to de Markt in Delft to get stroopwafels and meat pies!


side lane
After lunch we continued the tour of the city and saw the bike boulevard, more bicycle traffic circles, and advisory lanes -- a shared road treatment for when the road is too narrow to have a specific bike lane (pictured). Throughout the day we witnessed how the Dutch have successfully integrated bicycling as a major form of travel by making their citizens feel safe driving with cars.


lecture in park

Dr. Young lectured on transportation infrastructure.

measuring lane
Lily Lower posed for the camera after using the measuring wheel to find the lane width of unique transportation feature in Delft.

Overall, it was a great first day because no one got hit by a car and we only had one flat tire!

Tot de volgende keer, proost!