About Endowments

Your aid allowed me to focus more on my studies and life passions rather than worrying and agonizing over monetary setbacks that my family would have had if not for the help of this scholarship.
– Maya King '21

Strengthening the University with a permanent impact

You can support annual funds and endowed funds with gifts.

Annual funds are for immediate use.  

Endowed funds are invested and allowed to grow. This way, the original gift is not spent; instead, only its growth is used. 

There are benefits to both types of gifts. For example, a gift to an annual scholarship fund would mean that the entire total of the donation could be awarded right away to students in need. A gift that establishes an endowed scholarship fund would be invested and then a percentage of the growth could be awarded as a scholarship each year forever.

A strong endowment reduces Gonzaga’s reliance on tuition and eases cost burdens on parents and students.

Endowments are funds that live on forever. The original gift is invested in way that provides income that benefits students while honoring donor intent and ensuring perpetual growth of the fund. Only a percentage of the earnings are spent each year, ensuring the original gift lasts forever.

Gonzaga’s endowment funding areas include: 

  • Scholarships
  • Academic and Research Awards
  • Internships
  • Retreats/Christian Life Communities/Service Projects
  • Innovation Funds
  • Facilities Support

Student Spotlight

Maya King, Class of 2021

Maya King

Class of 2021

This scholarship was meaningful not just in terms of monetary support, but mental and spiritual support as well. It is beyond heartening to be on the receiving end of altruistic individuals who only wish to help and see those they are helping succeed in the long run. I know that when I am able to do so, I would love to be able to repay the kindness that was shown to me by GU and its donors.

Miguel Angala, Class of 2022

Miguel Angala

Class of 2022

I would like to express a lot of gratitude to the donors who have contributed to my scholarship because, without their help, I probably would not be able to attend Gonzaga. It is truly a blessing to be at such a fine institution and I am happy to have chosen such a place. I do my best to repay Gonzaga by trying to positively affect the people around me in one form or another.

Grace Hamburg, Class of 2023

Grace Hamburg

Class of 2023

Thank you for allowing me to pursue a nursing degree rooted in Jesuit values. Your contribution has taken an enormous amount of financial stress of my shoulders. This has allowed me to concentrate more on school and study what I am passionate about. I will not take this opportunity for granted. Thank you for believing in me.

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