Cooling Resources

Need help staying healthy during extreme heat?

Our team has been collaborating with Spokane Regional Health District on a heat health education campaign to prepare community members across Spokane County to navigate the impacts and signs of heat-related illness and help each other during extreme heat events. Here you will find resources to help keep you, your friends, family, and neighbors cool this summer.

Help Your Community

In summer 2023, we launched a Cooling Fund with Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners (SNAP) to aid low-income Spokane residents who reach out to SNAP for access freestanding A/C or fans to help with their cooling needs. Donate to the cooling fund!

How to stay healthy in the heat

Spokane Regional Health District and the Gonzaga Institute for Climate, Water, and the Environment worked together to develop information about the symptoms of extreme heat exposure and ways that to manage your exposure. Spokane Regional Health District’s website on Extreme Heat has more comprehensive information about how you might be impacted by heat.