Understanding Extreme Heat

Spokane Beat the Heat is an initiative designed to help our community navigate the impacts of extreme summer heat. Through local and national collaborations, the initiative has produced high-resolution maps of Spokane’s urban heat distribution, conducted a community-wide survey on perceptions and experiences of extreme heat, and plans to continue meaningfully cultivate local resilience.

Extreme Heat in Spokane

During the 2021 Heat Wave that struck the Pacific Northwest, 100 people across Washington State and 19 community members in Spokane County had heat-related deaths. This event sparked the Beat the Heat Initiative. We welcome you to explore data we have collected on extreme heat, share your experiences, and learn how you can protect yourself, family, friends, and your neighbors against the impacts of extreme heat.

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Spokane Heat Maps

Explore the heat mapping we did in Summer 2022 and learn about Urban heat Islands.

Community Impact

Learn about our community-engaged research into perceptions and experiences of extreme heat.

Correlation Report

Learn about the correlations of urban heat with race and income in Spokane, Washington.


Explore interactive maps and learn about extreme heat in Spokane.