Heritage Society Honor Roll

The Heritage Society was founded in 1980 to recognize a legacy of giving at Gonzaga and honor alumni and friends who have made a commitment to the University through an estate gift. Estate gifts to Gonzaga are made in many forms, including bequests, gifts of retirement plan assets or life insurance, or charitable gift annuities, remainder unitrusts or lead trusts.

The individuals listed below and others, who wish to remain anonymous, comprise this group of benefactors.

Deceased †

Scott A. Ables
Dr. † and Mrs. John B. Adams
Maureen and Maxime Albi
Susan Alexander
Nettie Balch Allen
Gary M. Alworth
Matt and Eleanor Andersen
Ken and Sue Anderson
Valerie Anderson
John and Jewel Andrew
John † and Anne C. Aram
Joe and Jammie Arbanas
Hilario Arguinchona
Jim † and Joyce Aylward
Phillip and Meghan Banta
Frank † and Dorothy Barich
John and Shannon Barnard
David and Heidi Bateman
John A. and Nancy A. (Scott) Battilega
John H. Beck
Ernest J. Becker
Larry J. and Anna Bennett
Jamie M. Berube
Joe and Sharon Betzendorfer
Michael J. and Sandra L. Beus
Christopher Blackburn
Anthony Boccaccio
Chadwick O. Bogar
Frank and Ilse Bourbeau
Frank and Sharon Bouten
John and Linda Bowers
Mark and Theresa Boyer
Douglas J. Brajcich
Helen A. Brajcich
Pete I. Breiten
Dr. Stephen L. and Marjorie M. Brenneke
Jim and Pauline Bresnahan
Roger G. Brown
Alfred Bucheli
Dr. † and Mrs. Eric Buckley
Greg and Michelle Bui
Christopher and Mary Ann Bulger
Bob † and Stevie (Cada) Burke
Josh Burrows
Bruce and Judy Butler
Molly and Stewart Butler
Sharon (McDonald) and Joe Cade ('76)
Ron and Theresa Caferro
Karen A. Calder
Don Carlson
Mark and Kathy (Evoy) Casey
Rebecca Cates
Stephen and Elaine Cavit
Jason and Tania Chaffee
Susan † and W.W. "Chuck" Charlton
Patrick Chastek
Scott and Patricia J. (Tiesse) Church
Catherine C. Clark
Robert and Ramona Clavel
Walter J. † and Donna F. Conn
Laura D. Cooper
Norman G. † and Amarant M. (Kanzler) Cormier
Bill and Paula Cowley
Gerri and Bob † Craves
Howard and Norma Crawford
James and Carolyn Crowe
James and Eloise Cummins
Don and Va Lena Curran
Rev. James Dallen
Kevin and Mary Daniels
Mr. † and Mrs. William A. Davenport
Scott and Jami Davis
Joseph W. Day
Robert and Raeceil Day
Richard J. DeBlieck
Diane A. DeFelice and David W. Nelson
Joe † and Edna Deichl
Luino and Margaret Dell'Osso, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. John Demakas
Jayne (Stanich) Dempsey
John and Mary Dentone
Dale B. and Christy E. (Smith) de Viveiros
David Schweitzer and Dennis DeVoto
James and Joan DiJulio †
William R. and Kathleen A. (McFarland) Dobner
Robert J. Downey
Nancy C. Driscoll
Dr. Thomas and Karen Driscoll
Thomas A. Drynan
James P. and Ahnna Dudley, Jr.
Dr. Arthur and Kaye † Dugoni
John E. Dunn
Michael Durand
Richard C. Egge and Jeanette R. Egge
John P. Egger
Dr. Richard E. Ellis, J.D.
Benjamin J. Engle and Nancy Cane Engle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erickson
Gregory and Dana Erigero
John and Dianne Evans
Bob and Bobbie Evanson
Anthony and Ann Ewell
Kay Nozaki Ewing
Sonja Nordbye Fair
James T. Finlen, Jr.
Sharon A. Fischer and Dr. Thomas A. Kearney
E.J. "Gerry" FitzGerald
Nick Fluge and Elizabeth Logsdon
Michael C. and Mary G. Fox
Megan Lynn Isenhower Frampton
Craig Gage 
Blaine and Susan Garvin
Gary Geiss
Archie and Mary George
Rex R. † and Joan Gerlach
Lt. Col. and Mrs. William R. Gillingham
Patricia A. Gillis
Rian H. Gilronan
Gary Glenn
Beverly (Haines) Goddard
Dale and Mary Goodwin
Ann McLaughlin Gore
Michele Graham
Marv and Anne Grassl
Patrick J. Gravine
George † and Florence Grismer
Nazli Guner
The Hon. and Mrs. Richard P. Guy
Dave and Susan Hamer
Frederick and Diane (Kelly) Hamm
Mr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Hankins
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hanlen
Cecil † and Molly Hannan
John C. Hanrahan
Robert and Donna † Hanson
Daniel P. Harbaugh
Randy and Bridget Harris
Suzanne M. Harris
Shane and Morgan Hatcher
Jerome Haupt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hauth (RIP)
G. Donald Hawker and Nga T. Hawker
Frank J. Hawley
Charles † and Barbara Hennessey, Jr.
Mary and Tom Herche
Howard H. Herman and Darlene E. Herman
Phil and Lorelei Herres
Kirk Murdock Hetrick
Mark and Marsha Hierbaum
Tony and Cindy † Higley
Peter Hill
Rick and Nina Hofmeister
Timothy Hogan
Edith A. Holmen
Melanie A. Homan
Stan and Shirley Hooper
Gary and Barbara Hordemann
John and Ellen Hough
Gregory and Susan Huckabee
Timberly Hughes
Daniel L. and Jill Hulsizer
E. J. Hunt
Doyle and Kathy (Graham) † Jacklin
Don and Marilyn Jans
Donald H. Jans
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jepson, Jr.
Shirley J. Johnson
Dr. Robert L. Kalez, M.D.
Ken and Marie Kapstafer
Margel Foote Kaufman
Robert and Michelle Keasal
Gary Keister
John and Pat Kelly
John B. Kempfer
Kevin Kenneally
Dr. Arthur E. Kennedy
Duff and Dorothy † Kennedy
Dale and Graciela Kingman
Rick E. Koch
Dr. Larry E. Krueger, J.D.
Doug and Ruth Lancaster
Dr. H. John Lane
Mary Lou Lane
Michael Patrick Lang
Milton J. Langlois
Alexander M. Laughlin
Dr. Lawrence R. Lawton
Gerald and Stephonna † Leahy
Jack and Betty † Leonard
Bernie and Mafalda Levernier
Dr. Robert Lewis and Marcia McGreevy Lewis
Jim and Jan Linardos
Richard and Noreen (Geiss) Littman
Wil and Pat Loeken
Gary P. Long and Rudolph Saavedra
Pauline M. (Herzig) Love
Houston Putnam Lowry
Mike and Renee' Lucarelli
John and Donna Luger
Barbara J. Lund
Pat and Christina Lynch
James and Jane MacDonald
Cheryl L. Mack
Dan and Jan Madden
The Hon. John J. Madden
Beverly Mahrt †
Laurence † and Delta Maillet
Dick Manning/Jen Gouge
Greg Marshall
Karen E. Martines
Stan and Linda Massey
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Matule
Mary Ann and Ed May
Veronica and Dave Mayo
Christina McCale and Garry R. Osborn
Jack and Mary † McCann
Juliet M. (Raney) McCarthy and Geoffrey W. McCarthy
Pat and Kathy McCarthy
Michael D. McCormack
Robert and Claire McDonald
Marge McFaul
Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. McGough
Mary McGrath
Morgan T. and Judith A. (Ziegler) McGrath
David P. McKibbin
Joe McKinnon
Ann T. McMahon
Edward McReynolds
Thomas K. and Catherine L. Mentele
Donald L. Merrick
Jo L. Merwin †
Linda L. Merwin
Jeffrey C. Mirsepasy
Johnston Mitchell and Christine Coers-Mitchell
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Monks
John and Melinda Moynier
Shirley A. (Pemerl) Mulcahy
Tom P. Mulcahy
Ray and Shirley (Duffner) Murphy
Myron A. Nachbar II
John E. Neirinckx II
Don and Jeanette Nelles
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Nelsen
John † and Frances Nitkey
Holly J. Norton
Karen Norum
John C. O'Brien, Jr.
Robert W. and Maureen A. O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. James F. O'Connell
Charlie and Doris O'Connor
Mark and Cathy Ohlstrom
Dennis and Sara O'Loughlin
Donald and Joan Olson
Barry and Ann O'Neil
Cynthia and Dr. Eric Orr
Guy and Madeline Ossello
Dianne Rinzel Ostrowski
Fred S. Owen and Joanne Pottier
Michael Paine
A.T. "Mike" Paioni
Jean M. Parietti
J. Scott Patnode
Dr. Donald R. Paugh and Ms. Diedre L. Olin
Lindsey Paxton
Wendy Pearson and Kathryn Eims
Gregory R. Peterson
Anthony Plager
Joe and Megan Poss
Gary L. Powdrill
Laurie A. Powers and Breean L. Beggs
Mark and Kim Powers
Sue-Lynn Price-Voigt
James and Marilyn Prince
Julie Prince
Nicholas and Dana Questad
David S. Radcliffe
Mr. and Mrs. Don F. Raftis
David J. Rahmer
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Randall
Mark J. Ray, Sr. and Barbara A. Ray
Paul and Barbara Redmond
Douglas † and Linda Rehaume
D. Michael Reilly and Petrea Reilly
Ross ('79) and Judy Rettenmier
Cynthia Reyes Methvin
Michael and Tanya Rice
Dennis T. and Kathryn (Cullen) Richardson, Sr.
John and Mary Pat Rickman
Dr. and Mrs. Harold L. Ripple
Doug and Kathleen Rivard
Robert and Ann Rivers
Donald and Donna Rockstrom
Jim and Jean Roeber
Judy and John Rogers
Douglas W. Rohner
Roger and Sharon Roman
James F. Rooney †
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rosicky
Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Rosler
Herman J. Rossi III
John and Nancy Rudolf
Cindy Runger
Mary Catherine Ryan
Barry W. Santana, Ph.D.
Richard and Karen Sayre
Steven Schenk and Gretchen Berning
Reed Schifferman
Virginia A. Schurra
Dr. and Mrs. Lester J. Schwaegler
Pequitte Schwerin
Patricia (Ardner) Scullary
Martha and Stephen Shepard
William and Catherine Shiel, Jr.
Stephen † and Mary Shinn
Chuck † and Rojean Siljeg
Mark and Valerie Sonderen
Dave and Dori Sonntag
Gordon and Joyce Spainhower
Dr. Delitha Z. Spear, Ph.D.
Margot J. Stanfield
Jerry A. and Patricia Stebbins
Veronica and Jeff Steffan
Charles H. and Diane † Steilen
Bart † and Sarah Stevens
Ivan and Marlene Stewart
Daniel Stoner and Anne Santee-Stoner
Brady Lee Strahl
Dr. D. Michael and Sunny (O'Melveny) Strong
Joseph and Parker Sullivan
Patrick and Diane Sullivan
Dr. Robert W. Sullivan
Robert † and Joan Taber
Howard and Sharon Tennant
Tom and Camilla Tilford
Teresa J. Tombari
Rev. Eugene A. Tracy
Jim and Peg Troske
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Tucci
Michael F. and Mimi Tucci
Robert P. Turnley
Dick and Patricia Twiss
Harley J. Unruh/Sharon Rae Unruh (Longo)
Dick and Monda Van Hollebeke
David and Karen Van Loan
Jerry † and Donna Vermillion
F. Ray Vollert
Sue Volpe
William J. and Kathleen K. Wagner
Robert J. Waldron, Jr.
Jolanta and Gary Weber
Martin and Jane Weber
Sue Weitz
Jerry D. Wells
Ron Wells
Tim and Jackie Welsh
Kevin P. and Jennifer L. (Prince) West
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. West
James and Eleanor † Weston
Kali Wicks and Andrew Swallows
Scott A. Wilburn
Elisha Williams
Ryan Rodney Wilson
Fritz and Jeanie Wolff
James and Jackie Wolff
David Wollersheim
Anne Woodbury
Richard and Cathy Worner
Bruce and Jackie Worobec
William J. and Elizabeth A. (Curry) Wrigglesworth, Jr.
Lee † and Barbara Wright
Dominic J. and Lisa Zamora
Anne and Dan Zielsdorf
Stephen and Elizabeth † Zimmer

Heritage Society: In Memoriam

MAJ Lawrence D. Acre
Kathleen A. Adkison
Theodore B. Albi
Carol J. Albright
Otto Allison, Jr.
Catherine Almquist
Glen E. Alps
Edith L. Anderson
Harry E. Anderson
Lucy Anderson
Raymond G. Anderson
Gayle M. Andrews
Lawrence and Lucille (Lemieux) Angell
Paul Anselmi
Alphonse and Geraldine Arnold
Dr. Robert D. Backer
Gilbert W. Baker
Kathleen M. Ballard
Daniel E. Bandmann
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Bangert
Hugh and Rita Bargion
Lester Barnes
Evalyn Barrington
Charles A. and Dolores A. Barry
Kenneth and Esther Louise Barton and Frank and Louisa Murphy
Dauna L. Bauer
Joseph N. Behrens
Elvira Berners
Zita D. Berners
Fred E. Bigelow
Venora Bigelow
Katherine Blum
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Bolker
Erma A. Bonge
Veronica Boos
Horace Bozarth
Joseph Bradley
Edmund W. Braune
Joseph and Peggy Brennan
Fred L. and Olivia Briggs
Judith Brings
Leo and Mary Brockman
Marie I. Brown
Hervy and Florence Brulotte
Joseph W. Brunner
Carla M. Buck
Edward L. Burke
Michael T. Busch
Elizabeth G. Caley
Tom A. Calpin
John E. Cannon, Sr.
Robert M. and Elaine Carroll
Dr. Robert J. and Thelma Rose Casey
Holly L. Caudill
Dr. Patrick J. Cavanaugh
Frank L. Ceserani
Chester and Catherine Chastek
Harry E. Chisholm
Timothy Choiniere
Barbara Clapp
Harriet Clarke
Beverly Clegg
Robert H. and Mary G. (Champagne) Clemens
James E. Collins
John H. Collins
John P. Collins, Sr.
Marvel S. Collins
Lawrence F. Connolly
Dr. John P. and Flo Ann Connors
Reanette Cook
Mildred L. Coombes
Robert A.† and Beryl Coomes
Thomas and Mary Corcoran
George Corkery
Dr. Albert G. Corrado
Emmett J. Corrigan
Donald J. Coughlin
Marie Crabtree
C. Patrick and Jean Craigen
Lily B. Critzer
Harry L. (Bing) Crosby
Mary T. Cullen
William J. Cummings
Frederick and Barbara Curley
Vern G. Davidson
Mary E. Davis
Henry L. Day
John T. Day
Robert E. and Margaret Day
Donald E. DeFeyter
Henry Delfeld
Fred O. Dennis
Rev. C. Depiere
Bob and Evelyn Dieringer
Dr. Francis J. A. Ditter
Mary E. Doneen
Bud W. Driessel
Dr. John F. Driscoll
Theodore F. Druffel
Lawrence E. Duffy
Walter W. Duncan
Theresa Dunne
Isabel d'Urbal
M. Elizabeth Eaton
William Eddleman
Genevieve Edmonds
Bridget Ehorn
Kathryn Epton
Dr. Russell P. Esposito
Joan and Eugene Eugene
Anna Fahey
Dr. George A. and Stella Falkner
Helen Keilbach Farrar
William W. and Marcella Farrington
Francis A. Feider
Denny and Lynn Flaherty
James A. and Frances Flanagan
Maud O. Flannery
Dr. Howard R. and Maxine Floan
Myles F. and Henrietta A. Flood
Gordon S. Fowlds
Edward N. Foxton
Orlanta Franck
Mary Margaret Frew
Esther A. Frost
Maurice Gales
Julia Garrison
John W. Garrity
William M. Gaylor
Dr. Charles Gillingham
Hal and Alice Gilmore
Maurice Glassy
Thomas A. Glubrecht
Sperry H. Goodman
Burgess Gordon
Margaret S. Gose
George L. Grader
James P. Green
Dorothy E. Guild
Herschel and Betty Gustafson
Donald and Pauline Hagan
Karin Hagel
Earl J. Hall
Joseph T. and Patsy Hall
Edmund, Blanche, and Flore Hamel
Harry J. Hanley
Grayce Schade Harris
Robert P. Harris
Edna D. Hartman
Dr. Terry L. Haws
Ellen Healy
Laurence A. Heininger
Horton and Mazie Herman
John Hildebrand and Bird Hildebrand-Pease
Donna L. Hill
Margaret A. Hinnenkamp
Daniel P. Hogan, Jr.
Blanche Hopkins
Margaret E. Hopkins
Ruth E. Hovenden
Frances E. Howard
Edward and Marie Hughes
Frederick W. Huppert
Willis E. and Euretta James
Joseph Jantsch
Edward Jennings
George F. Jewett Jr.
Hugh C. Johnson
William F. Johnson
Ina Johnston
Emma H. Jones
Melvin Kays
Jim M. Kees
Dorothy C. Kelly
Helen Kepl
Joseph R. Keys
Adolph G. Kijowski
Dorothy Knechtel
Roy and Violet Knott
John E. Koehler, S.J.
Dr. John and Gayle (Keenan) Kohls
Nora G. Kommers
Margaret S. Konlock
Benjamin Koreski
John † and Patricia Korn
Donald Kramer
Sarah Marie Kranz
George Kulzer
Samuel and Gloria Lamanna
Arlene E. LaMasters
Annemarie Lambert
Dr. Raymond J. Langenbach
Henrietta Larkin
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Lee
Norma LeMieux-Foubert
Ernest Lennemann
Frank B. and Ethel M. Lenzie
Francis W. Leslie
Herbert M. Lindholm
Robert and Glennavon Loosmore
Paula Lovas
William A. and Earleen Lowry
Bob and Yvonne Lyons
Dr. Edwin T. MacCamy
Phyllis P. MacKenzie
Catherine MacPhee
John F. Madden
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Magnuson
Bertha Mahoney
Peter L. and Sadie R. Maland
Patricia J. Malone
Thomas M. Malott
Esther Mark
Charlotte Y. Martin
E. Thomas Martin
Loretta A. Martin
John A. and Mary Stuart Masterson
Kylie Masterson
Guy Matthews
John and Virginia Maughan
C. Alex McCabe
The Hon. Patrick McCabe
Joseph L. McCarthy
Florence McCormack
Robert J. McCormick
Esther A. McCoy
Helen McDonald
Lowell H. McDonald
Ivah M. McDonnell
Joseph P. McFarland
Gerald R. McFaul
Leo J. McGavick
John D. McLaughlin
Mary McLeod
John and Ann E. McMahon
Richard L. McMurdie
Dick and Mary Lou McWilliams 
Rev. Thomas J. Meersman
Jack D. Miklos
Dr. Earl Martin Miller
Phyllis Mitchell
Fred J. Mollerus
Rev. John E. Moore
Lyle W. and Cherie Moore
Frank A. Morbeck
Andrew J. Morrison
David L. Morse
Joe Mostyn
Eldred G. Mugford
Denny Murphy
John W. (Bill) Murphy
Joseph and Muriel Murphy
Smitty and Sandy Myers
John C. Nevin
Edward J. Nichols
Raymond J. Niehenke
Frank and Margaret Nigro
Patrick and Everilda Nolan
Luverne W. Nott
Dorothy Nowak
William and Monica O'Connell
Msgr. Oakley F. O'Connor
Betty and Bill Ogle
Alan P. O'Kelly
Angeline O'Leary
Mr. and Mrs. Verne Oliver
Coletta O'Meara
The O'Neill Family Trust, in memory of Margaret C. and Clement J. O'Neill III
Maude O'Neill
Richard and Margaret O'Neill
Dean Lewis H. and Mrs. Jackie Orland
Clarence and Gladys Orndorff
William Osborn
Eddie Page
Robert Parker
Ruth Patchen
Ethel Peasley
Joseph and Alice Peirone
Dr. Dennis E. Penna
Stephen N. Pope
Louis Powell
Donald L. Powelson
Robert and Ann Powers
Edward and Helen Prevol
Emil A. Proulx
John J. and Ruth C. Pugh
Joseph and Dolores M. Quill
Ed and Yvonne Ralph
Herbert Redfield
Catherine Rhodes
Clare Rice
Margaret S. Richards
Wilfred A. Richmond
William P. Roach
William D. Roberts
Robert H. Rolfs
Lucille Rooney
David and Maureen Rorick
Frank and Jan Rotondo
Kerm and Fran Rudolf
Agnes Russell
Madeline Saint Marie
Frances Salla
Michael Scaringella
Albert J. Schauble, Sr.
Elizabeth Scheeland
Gertrude Schmitt
Bernard A. Schons
Irene Schumaker
Joseph M. Shabaz
Mary Owens Shanahan
Elizabeth M. Sharp
Mary Katherine Shaw
Fred Shelton
Margaret M. Sheridan
William P. Sherman
Edward T. Simkins
Phillip P. Skok, Sr.
Robert A. Smith, Sr.
Petronella Sammis Sneider
Mary E. Snodgrass
Norma E. Solman
Lee M. Solomon
Carol J. Springer
Judy A. Springer
Peter and Joyce St. Denis
Mary C. Stanton
Charles H. Stolz
John W. Strizich
George Struble
Mary E. Stuart
Gertrude K. Sully
Frank X. Suttey
Arthur D. Swanson
Ernest E. Tabscott
Winston and Eloise Taggart
John W. Talmage
Tatsuo Tatsuuma
George E. and Margaret B. Tiesse
Alice Tietgen
Charles A. and Helen Tilford
Hazel Toly
Francis and Dorothea Townsend
Joseph C. Tremblay
Rosemary Triesch
John and Betty Tubbs
Effie Tucker
Mary M. Twohy
Bernard Tyrell, Sr.
Albert Unrecht
Elizabeth Van Sistine
Steven and Laurette C. Van Voorhis
Jessie Vickrey
Mary L. Vingo
Leona T. Voell
Rupert Vogl
Sam and Emily Volpentest
Sally Ann Wagner
Anna Mae Waldron
Arthur J. Waligura
Alexander Wallace III
Robert C. Wallace
Roger C. Walsh
Robert G. and Joan M. Wardian
J. Prentice Warner
Florence Wasmer
Ralph B. Way
Robert E. Wehmeir
Albert Weiser
Carrie Welch
Helen Welty
Verna E. West
Mildred Weston
Howard W. Wildin
Harry L. Williams
Karen J. Williams
John A. G. Wilson
The Hon. John F. Wilson
Patrick Wilson
Mary H. Winder
Alice G. Windsor
Marie P. Wittman
Miss Myrtle E. Woldson
Geraldine Wynkoop
John T. Yeats
Lucy C. Young
Mary C. Zeller
Anthony F. Zeyen

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