Management Information Systems


Since the term "information age" came into existence, information technology has profoundly changed the way we conduct business and live our lives. Knowing how management information systems can improve the productivity and the quality of life is central to the student's learning and preparation for the real world of business. Information systems (IS) are more than computer hardware and software. IS managers are concerned with the planning, use, and control of organizational information. In addition, IS are also used as a strategic tool to improve an organization's competitive advantage. The most important business strategic development today is Electronic Commerce (EC). In the MIS curriculum, courses in EC infrastructure and development, database management systems (DBMS), HTML, Java, data communication software, and computer-aided software and systems engineering tool (CASE) are part of the tool package. Students who choose this concentration are required to have their own computers. They are also encouraged to pursue professional certification in A+ (Computer Competency), Certified Data Processing (CDP) or other Microsoft Certificate programs before graduation.

Management Information Systems Concentration: Twelve credits
(based on 2011-12 catalogue requirements)
BMIS 331 Problem Solving & Programming Techniques (three credits)
BMIS 342 Web-based Applications (three credits)
BMIS 441 Database Management (three credits)
BMIS 444 Information Systems Analysis & Design (three credits)


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