SIRC 12th Annual

1 . What does student-led research mean?^

Any work requiring original student scholarship can fall within the description of student-led research.  For an example of presentations from prevous years, see the 2012 Session Summaries.

2 . How do I write an abstract?^

The abstract is a succinct, 150 work (maximum) summary of the research being presented.  The style may vary with research discipline, but in general the abstract should introduce the research area and highlight the importance of the research, suggest the gap in knowledge that the research is addressing, and describe the work to be presented including methods and results obtained or to be obtained.  Additionally, it must also provide conference attendees enough information to make a decision on which presentations they are most interested in viewing.

For guidance in writing a research abstract, refer to the following guidelines:  Writing a General Research Abstract.

3 . Can previously published material be presented?^

Presentation material should be new and previously unpublished.  However, inclusion of previously published material is acceptable if it is critical for the audience appreciation of the work currently being presented.

4 . Can research that was conducted at an institution outside of the Spokane area be presented?^

Yes, but only if there is a faculty sponsor from a participating Spokane-area institution.

5 . Are there any disciplines of areas of research that are unsuitable for presentation at SIRC?^

Original research in any field may be presented.  A list of potential fields of research can be found HERE.

6 . I have an idea for a session -- who do I contact?^

Dr. Ann Ciasullo:

7 . Can material that has been presented at another conference be presented at SIRC by the same author(s)?^

Yes, work that has been previously presented may be presented again at SIRC.  However, the presentation of previously published work in strongly discouraged.

8 . Can graduate student research be presented?^

Unfortunately, no.  While graduate students have participated in the past, this year's SIRC committee has decided to make undergraduate research the primary focus of the conference.

9 . How late will abtracts by accepted?^

The deadline for submissions is Friday, February 14, 2014.

10 . Can both a poster and a talk be presented?^

Yes, a presenter can give both a talk and a poster. However, to avoid scheduling session conflicts, presenters may give a maximum of one talk and one poster.

11 . Is lunch provided?^

Yes, a lunch is provided for those who reserve a spot when they are notified that their abstract has been accepted. Other dining opportunities are available near Gonzaga University within walking distance, as well.

12 . Who should I contact with other questions?^

Contact Dr. Ann Ciasullo ( with general questions.

13 . How do I register?^

Click HERE to follow the link on the main webpage. 

14 . Is there a registration fee?^


15 . When do I need to setup my poster? Take down my poster?^

The conference schedule has not yet been finalized, but ample time will be provided to set up and remove posters.  Once the session times have been determined, presenters will be contacted with specific details.

16 . When will I know whether my abstract has been accepted?^

You will be contacted via email by the end of March with the status of your abstract.

17 . Do I have to attend the entire day?^

While you are not required to attend the entire day, we encourage participants to attend multiple presentations  Participating in SIRC is not only about delivering your own research but also learning about the research of others so, if you are able to attend sessions outside of your own, you will gain much more from the conference that if you simply present.

18 . How should I dress when I present?^

The conference is a professional gathering for the purpose of presenting academic scholarship. Please dress appropriately, for example, business casual.

19 . How long are the presentations?^

Oral presentation sessions are one hour and 15 minutes and will generally have between 3 and 5 student presenters. Presentations are therefore between 10 and 20 minutes with 3 to 5 minutes per presentation for questions.

20 . What audio and video equipment is available for presentations?^

All presentation rooms are equipped with computer with USB port, computer projection, and PowerPoint.

21 . Can I present from my own laptop computer?^

This may be possible; however, the use of a flash drive to load presentations onto the desktop computer in the session room is preferred to reduce technical complications and the time required for setup. 

22 . How much space is available for my poster?^

Posters have a recommended limit of 36" by 60".  Please contact Dr. Ann Ciasullo ( if you have special requirements for your presentation.

23 . What if I have to withdraw my abstract?^

If you must withdraw your abstract after it has been accepted, please notify Dr. Ann Ciasullo ( as soon as possible.