Gear Rentals

Mission: At Gonzaga Outdoors we try to keep the outdoors as accessible as possible by providing a cheap alternative to buying high-priced outdoor gear. We have a wide-variety of high-quality outdoor gear available for all Gonzaga University students and faculty.

Policy: To rent equipment, students must have a GU ID number and faculty needs their Gonzaga ID. General community members are not permitted to rent equipment. Once the Rental Agreement is signed, the renter accepts responsibility for the equipment and any fees or charges that may occur. Weekend rented items may be picked up as early as Thursday. Gonzaga Outdoors makes no representation, warranties, or covenants, expressed or implied with respect to the condition, quality, durability, or suitability of the rented equipment and assumes no liability for any bodily injury or damaged property resulting from the use, improper or otherwise, of the rented equipment.

Reservations: Rentals must be paid to secure reservation.

Returns: Returns are due Monday. Fees charged to soiled, or excessively wet equipment. To avoid fees, the equipment must be returned clean and operational. The rentals must also be returned on the due date indicated on the Rental Agreement. Late fees will be charged by noon the day after the due date with a rate of 50% of the rental price. Students will be charged a late fee for everyday that the gear is past the return date

Available Equipment and Prices in the Following Areas

SNOW Weekend
Board Only $15
Boots Only $10
Helmet Only FREE
Snowshoes Only $10
 Trekking Poles  $4
SLEEP Weekend
Foam sleeping pad $3
 Inflatable sleeping pad  $5
 Car camping sleeping bag  $10
 20-degree sleeping bag  $15
 0-degree sleeping bag  $15
4 Person Tent $14
6 Person Tent $14
Ground Tarp $3
 Backpacking Tent  $18
Water Weekend
Dry Bags $5
Splash Jackets $9
Spray Skirts $8
Wetsuit $10
 Wetsuit Booties  $4
 Floatation Device  $3
Gaiters $3
Rain Jacket $6
Rain Pants $6
Fleece Jacket $5
 Fleece Pants  $5
Snow Pants $10
Soft Shell Pants $5
Gaiters $4
Hiking Boots $8
 Gloves  $4
Crash pad $12
Shoes $5
Helmet  FREE
Kennel Campout 1 Night
Tent $14
Sleeping Bag* $10
Sleeping Pad **  $3
 Deluxe Combo (Sleeping pad and sleeping bag)  $10
 Premium Combo (Tent and Sleeping Bag)   $20
 Ultimate Combo (Tent, Sleeping bag, and Sleeping Pad)  $25

*Car camping sleeping bag ONLY 

**Foam Sleeping Pad ONLY 


***Kennel campout gear can ONLY be reserved starting 8am the morning of the campout ONLY***


Day prices available if needed