GU in Delft Floriade Expo in Almere

Floriade Expo in Almere, north of Amsterdam

May 30, 2022
Jackson Carroll
Students visting Floriade Expo
Group photo at Floriade Expo entrance sign.
Today the Zags went to the Floriade Expo in Almere, north of Amsterdam, which is a large sustainable design expo hosted every ten years in the Netherlands. Students were able to explore the vast arrangement of sustainability innovations from around the world, including exhibitions from Qatar and the UAE. Utopia Island was a big hit where students can see the future of green living in the Netherlands in an urban environment. The park hosted a plethora of sustainable food and beverage options themed by the Growing Green Cities project. The story picture is from inside of the natural pavilion that highlights a low environmental impact foundation, smart water buffer, unique climate control and an innovative pavilion construction including sustainable building materials.
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