GU Students Visit to TU Delft’s Green Village

Wilrik Kok from Field Factors and Bluebloqs technology for rainwater capture.

May 17, 2022
Ryan Cooper
Students touring TU Delft Hydraulics lab.
Students touring TU Delft Hydraulics lab.
Today we went back into the field and visited TU Delft’s Green Village. Our first stop in the morning was with Wilrik Kok, the CCO of Field Factors, learning about the Bluebloqs technology that captures, cleans, and reuses rainwater. After lunch, we revisited TU Delft to tour the immense Hydraulic and Environmental labs and their D:DREAM lab (Delft: Dream Realization of Extremely Advanced Machines). The Hydraulic lab boasted flumes up to 20 feet wide, and the D:DREAM lab included multiple projects from hyperloop to exosuits. The tour ended in the Green Village, where innovative sustainable ideas are put to the test, including bricks made from cow waste, a hyperloop tube for faster transportation, improved insulation to retrofit older homes, and a sustainable building that powers itself.
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