GU in Delft Student Weekend Trip to Brussels

Students enjoying picnic at Parc du Cinquantenaire.
Students enjoying picnic at Parc du Cinquantenaire.

May 21, 2022
Sarah Simmons
At different times and on different trains, most of the class made it to Brussels, Belgium for a weekend visit. We enjoyed a vast array of Belgian waffles, Belgian chocolate, Belgium fries, and beautiful Belgium Architecture. Escaping the hustle and bustle of city center, we organized a picnic at Parc du Ciniquantenaire before catching the metro back.

Mini Europe with the Atomium behind.
On Sunday, we parted ways. Some of us traveled to Mini-Europe, where we got to see Big Ben, the Eifel Tower, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa all in one place. In addition, we toured the Atomium. A giant model of an atom that boasted amazing views and a laser show at the top. It was a great weekend for everyone and an incredible opportunity to explore more of Europe during a free weekend.
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