GU in Delft Student Trip to Amersfoort and Utrecht

Students tour the nutrient recovery factory at Amersfoort.
Students tour the nutrient recovery factory at Amersfoort.

May 18, 2022
Antonio Roman Campos
Today was a busy and exciting time for GU-Delft civil engineering students! Starting the day early, students traveled from Delft to Amersfoort, Netherlands, via connecting trains through Utrecht. From there, a bus ride and a short walk brought them to a unique “energy and resource recovery facility” that transforms wastewater into useful products that enable society to maintain sustainable, circular economies. The public water authority is working to generate biogas (natural gas), electricity, and phosphate enriched fertilizers for private companies to incorporate on cropland.

Jorgen Verschoor, one of the leaders behind this project, was kind enough to lead students around the entire facility (free smells of the process!) and explain how the transformation of raw waste into useful commodities can become a cornerstone for future development.

Students around a large table in classroom setting.
Later, students enjoyed lunch in Amersfoort city center and the opportunity to explore nearby landmarks, like the Church of St. George, and the city walls. As the day heated up, students visited unique sites in Utrecht, such as a modern development where industrial land is being converted into public parks and reclaimed high-density housing zones through an integrated transportation and land use planning process. Returning to Delft, everyone enjoyed an evening off after a long and hot, but thoroughly enjoyable day.
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