Day at the Market For GU in Delft

Students check out the weekly market in Delft
Students check out the weekly market in Delft.

May 19, 2022
Sam Novack
After yesterday’s busy day exploring sustainability in Amersfoort and Utrecht, students had a more relaxing day in Delft. We all found something to do, whether it was getting caught in a sudden thunderstorm, going to the weekly market in the main square in Delft, exploring more of the city, or catching up on assignments.

Today was a market day, so a small group of Zags walked over to explore the different food options. For schoolwork, there was a morning assignment on mobility planning to wrap up some things that we saw in Utrecht the day before. In the afternoon, students had one-on-one meetings with faculty to get feedback on the first writing assignment and directions for the next project.
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