Course Kicks Off in Delft

Delft City Hall
Delft City Hall

May 26, 2022
Elizabeth Cobb
Today, the class started in small groups to discuss our topic areas for our Final Report project focused on the ‘Areas of Action’ for Sustainability. After these group meetings, we met individually with the professors to discuss our most recent writing assignment. For lunch, some of us headed to the Delft Market Square. While we were there, we learned about a run taking place later that afternoon. One of our classmates signed up to run in the 10k race!

In the afternoon, we talked about urban heat islands and completed an activity in Delft where we measured the infrared radiation of different parts of the city to determine the impact of street environments on temperature. Some students ended the afternoon with a gelato treat.
For a glimpse into our day, check out this video from Thursday, May 26
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