Child of Refugees Pursues Career of Public Service

Sead Muradbegović

April 22, 2022
Hunter Hauser ('23)

Sead Muradbegović ('22 J.D.) - Gonzaga School of Law

Sead Muradbegović – already working for the Spokane County Public Defender’s Office as a limited license legal intern as graduating student from the Gonzaga University of Law – has found fulfillment in serving the people of Spokane.

“I’ve always valued the importance of public service and the constitutional principle that everybody deserves the right to an attorney,” said Muradbegović. “As a legal intern, I get to represent indigent and our most vulnerable clients.”

Muradbegović has had a passion for law and politics since childhood. In August 2000, Muradbegović’s family emigrated to the United States as refugees of the Yugoslav Wars. He grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho, living with fellow Bosnian and Somali refugees.

Growing up as the child of refugees, I learned early that politics and law matter. Politics put my uncles in concentration camps and made my father restart his life in a foreign country at 43 years old,” said Muradbegović. “Citizenship laws had us leaving behind family and traveling through Europe and America to stay together. Both politics and law impacted my life very early on.”
The impact of these events left an impression on Muradbegović, and he knew that his background allowed him to be an instrument for social change.

To pursue his vision for change, Muradbegović attended the College of Idaho, graduating with a degree in International Political Economy and minors in Spanish, Business, Natural Sciences and Pre-Law. He then became the youngest state legislative candidate in Idaho’s 2018 midterm elections, selected as the primary democratic representative for District 10A. 

“Going to school full-time, working a job and then hitting the campaign duties really wears you out – especially at 21,” said Muradbegović. “On the other hand, I was really driven to show that we had a strong, competitive campaign. I wanted people to go vote and to feel like they have a candidate worth voting for.” 

Muradbegović certainly made an impact and after the election decided to attend Law School; Gonzaga was the perfect fit. 

“I got to stay in the Pacific Northwest, my parents were nearby, and it’s a place with a deep commitment to public service,” said Muradbegović. “It was the best opportunity for me to grow both professionally and personally, spend time with my loved ones, and give back to the community in the form of public service.” 

Muradbegović plans to continue his work for the Spokane County Public Defender's Office after graduation to grow and help the Spokane community prosper. 

“I’ve found a sense of fulfillment in this job that I don’t think I would have found working elsewhere.”

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