Top 10 Gonzaga Stories of 2021

aerial view of Gonzaga College Hall

December 27, 2021
Marketing & Communications

Everyone loves a Top 10 list to close out the year, right? Well, here's ours: The ten most-viewed stories on in 2021, based on our website analytics.

10 Caring for the Planet

Gonzaga became the first university in the U.S. to commit to the Laudato Si Action Plan inspired by Pope Francis’ ecological encyclical.

9 Admittedly Curious

Our admission counselors penned some tips for applicants starting their college essays

8 Seriously Impressive

Master of Accountancy student Diana Tupikova Earns Prestigious Position, one of six selected by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

7 COVID-related

Eyes on Health & Safety for In-Person Learning this Fall

6 Strong Numbers

Despite COVID’s impact, Gonzaga welcomed its second-largest first-year class

5 Faith & Hoops

Gonzaga Basketball star Corey Kispert talks about his faith and lifting up others

4 Election Question

A popular story from fall 2020 that keeps popping up in Google searches: Understanding the Electoral College

3 Repeating the Ranks

This was actually a 2019 story on Gonzaga in the Top 20% Among National Universities, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report

2 Currently Ranked

The latest from U.S. News & World Report put Gonzaga among the Top 100 nationally ranked universities

1 Are You Ready for This?

“Hey Google, Where is Gonzaga?” Yep. We wrote a story about that in 2019, and for a second year, it’s the top story on our site.

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